Yes, I Do.

It's so interesting to look back and see how my attitude has changed. I was in second grade when I got glasses. The strange thing is that I did not liked them at all. I thought that it isn't necessary to wear them. On purpose I left glasses home and then told my mother that it was accidentally. So I liked myself even better without glasses. If I remember correctly then I was the only one with glasses until 6Th grade in my class. Then some other students got them real soon also.

Now when I am wearing them all the time, I really like to feel myself different. These glasses make me unique and even confident. I couldn't imagine how would I read something without them. All objects further away seem just blurry and my head starts to ache really soon. Glasses are now part of myself and part of my style. I don't want to wear lenses, because I think they are not good for eyes. And as I have heard of laser surgery, I really think that it isn't also safe choice.

Maryel Maryel
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010