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My (true) Story Of How I Started Wearing Goodnites

I was pottytrained early and didn't wear a diaper/pullup after I was 3. But my little brother (he's 10) has always wet the bed. To be quite honest I've always been a little envious and curious because he gets to wear goodnites every night. For years I watched in jealousy as he slipped on his goodnite every night, and I knew he really enjoys them because he's told me he oftentimes wets them on purpose at night out of convenenience and laziness. Finally in the summer of 2009 (I was 14 at the time) I got the courage to wear one while nobody was home past summer, and it was awesome. I filled it up with nice warm pee and savored that magnificent feeling of being wet. I was instantly hooked. About once a month after that I would sneak one of his goodnites at night or when I was at home alone. Finally last spring I decided to tell my brother my secret. At first he was shocked (especially because I have some OCD issues with urine) but pretty soon he really began to think it was pretty cool and funny that his big brother was wearing goodnites, too. Now every few weeks before I go to bed I grab a goodnite and try to act natural as I put it on, just like a real bedwetter. Usually I take it off pretty quickly after I wet it but tonight for the first time I am trying to enhance my experience by going all night in my now-wet goodnite.
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I used to be a bedwetter until 8th grade. I remember having to wear the goodnites with the helicopter designs and some others. I used to wear them just with a shirt on because I live in a hot climate and I remember at times just going downstairs in just a shirt and wet diaper, better than having wet sheets!

Awesome, would love to talk sometime if you want. It won't let me add you as a friend for some reason, but I'm always looking for new friends on here!

I was a bed wetter at one point in my life until about 6th grade I stopped but let me tell you I miss those days I was cleaning my room today and found goodnites in my room just slipped one on and wet it I miss doing that every night. The goodnites I found are the old ones with starts and soccer pla<x>yers on them not really seen anymore I really don't like the fact that im helping fill the landfill by wearing a goodnite underwear.

Aw man those ones are awesome! I like the new designs but I also miss the older ones! Thanks for sharing!

I found out a warm wet diaper feels good a little wile after I started wetting again when I was 13 . At first I hated to wear them (I'm not a baby!), but then I started to appreciate the dry bed, and next thing I started to realize I get a kick from feeling the warm wet diaper.

It is a lucky thing that he has plenty of them to borrow and use for peeing in bed. Hopefully he will not run out of them.

tell me guys are goodnites and drynites the same thing? if so i think ive out grown them

cool thanks how are you today

great story hope you can make it last for as long as you want to some how Isay just act like u are sick one morning after you wet the goodnite and just let your mom come to check on you she will take temp and remove covers then she will see the wet goodnite and ask what the hell then you can tell her that you wet the bed a couple of times and cleaned it up your self then you brother gave you some of his

nice story...add me please...has it ever occured to you to just wet the bed on purpose get put in diapers then when u have sleepovers...put em on before or not at all...get up before ur friends just incase u do wet...;)

My brother has so many extra goodnites right now that it is not a concern; I can wear his every night without my parents knowing. Of course if I wet a goodnite every night after a while I may end up having some real accidents but I'd rather avoid that if possible because it would be a pain during summer camps and whatnot. In the meantime I'm wetting my bed (with my goodnite on, of course) on purpose nightly.

Nice story!!

goodnites are awesome!!! how badly do they leak? i haven't wet mine yet :/

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I guess I should clarify. My brother enjoys wearing them for the convenience of not ******* his bed every night and he doesn't mind that I use his from time to time, but I think he wants to stop wearing them if and when he ever stops wetting the bed. But luckily the short phase he went through where he was having dry nights are gone and he wets his goodnite every night now.

*Both enjoy goodnites for a long tome to Come, <br />
<br />
Sorry about the bad spelling

You said your brother enjoys wearing them aswell. Could you no purswade him to purposely wet his goodnites during the nigh or when he wakes up so it looks like he wet the bed)

I will probably end up doing it eventually because my brother is starting to have more dry nights and will probably not be in goodnites for too much longer.

I have thought about it. But I don't want to actually start wetting the bed because it would make sleepovers and camps hard.

Goodnites are SO SO Awesome...I completely know what you mean. When I was your age, I started wetting the bed on purpose hoping my Mom would get me some as a result. She did, but not after she scheduled an appointment with the family doctor. Either way, I was very happy the 1st time I pulled them up and knew that I was expected to wet them during the night.

My goodnite leaked. :( I tried to wet it again at about 4 AM because I felt the urge and it got all over my sweatpants and my bed. I guess I'll have to be more careful next time.