I Love My Goodnites

I love how comfy the boy's GoodNites are. I'm a DL, so I wear diapers not just because I want to, but also because I've used to wet the bed in my child hood with out my dipes (I'm 20 now). I would also wear them for convenience reasons (such as going in my diapers in a store [I go out on my own]). My mom used to be strict about my diaper wearing as I initally kept it a secret, but my mom is OK with it now, even though she'd wish I'd stop, though I would not stop all together. I mostly pee in them but I poop in them as well, I change myself. I like soaking my dipes too. I ocassionally wear Pampers cruisers or Babydry, but the GoodNites fit me well, as the Pampers diapers don't fit too well (the sides come off)
andrewvickers andrewvickers
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I wear diapers 24/7 I am a bed wetter, but I wear them all day because I love the feeling of being diapered and the convience of being able to pee or poop anytime any place I want. I don't have to look for a toliet I just do it in my diaper.

I also like wearing diapers, I like the security and comfort when wearing them. Because of my small bladder I some times need to wear to bed when having drunk much (tea, coffee, beer) in the evening, or I will wet the bed.
Do you ever have real accidents any longer?

I've actually wet the bed but this only happens spariodically. So yes I do have real accidents.

Then you have a good reason for wearing. I think you mom also agree on that!

Glad you like your diapers.
I too love them i get so aroused and plastic pants too.