Accepting And Regressing

When I first started wetting the bed last November at 14, I was so mad. I have always worn boxers since like 2 and always dressed and acted older and have been the one to be more of a brat or bully leader to others. After getting better and worse at other times over the past 10 months, I have started to accept it. This summer I just got lazy and wore my Goodnite day and night and now that school has started I have found I need the goodnite on to make sure I don't have accidents.

I have even had to go hairless down there to get rid of diaper rash. Maybe I am just enjoying being the little boy I always tried to avoid when I was little. I even got excited when I found Goodnites with Spiderman on them this week. I always wore boxers and never even wore little boy briefs with cartoons. Now I am at a crossroads. I will be starting back into a gym class where we will be changing and showering. Last year I just hid my Goodnites from everyone. Now, I am accepting my role of not being the big jock leader/bully and am even thinking of not hiding my Goodnites and maintaining my prepubescent look. This will be a tough decision.
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Thanks for sharing.When I was in school I never even considered reviling my secret.New here. add me?

I am the same way I show my pullups diapers off u shoe yours off br proud

I realize this is an old story.Don't even know if you are still on here.Anyway my life would have been so much better if I would have come out.

Is cross roads the street name I have one bye my place

Jacob I know first how it can be to have a incontinence problem .I'm 62 and still suffer and have to wear diapers 24/7 and don't worry if you need to wear then do so it 's beteer they find out out you wear diapers then seeing you have a accident as I said Ilive this for it started when I turned 10 I started having daytime time wetting accidents I say daytime because i still wet the bed by the time I turned 12 I was both wetting and messing myself this has not changed just think how embarrassing it was for me not only to be teased by the other kids but to be v17-18 yrs old have to go the nurse to my dirty diapers changed eve n if iwa just wet they had check me for rashes . Are you still having a problem