I Love My Diapers (and Im A 17 Year Old Girl)

I absolutley love wearing diapers, but its because of an accident, when i was 15 i wet the bed for like a week strait, so my mom got tired of washing the sheets, and one day when i came home from school, there they were a pack of pull ups size 7 (baby diapers) and she told me that i had to wear them or else the would make me double up on them and also wear them to school, so of corse the smart girl that i am did not wear them, then there i am, in school wearing 2 diapers, and she also requested that i HAD to USE them BOTH ways AT SCHOOL no less, and i did fearing having to wear 3, and she made sure i did, once i got home from school, peeing and messing myself that day, she was at the table and she said go to the come with me to the bathroom, so i reluctantly did, and she just said, drop em, so i did, she saw that i messes and peed (multiple times btw) and she them said, dont take them off, i then learned that i was to wear 2 diapers at the same time every day all day for 3 months, even at school, so a week went by, and i had gotten used to being in them, and slowly started depending on them and accually enjoying them, so now i love love love diapers, and one embaresing time, was when i was at school during the first week i really really had to pee, and i did ALOT, lemme tell you those started to leak like crazy, i then went to the bathroom to check the damage, and it soaked both of them, so after that i then though about wearing 3 to school, and i did, and i still soaked all of em, but it never went to my jeans, so everyday for 3 months im at school in 2-3 pull upsand typically messes and wet them multiple times a day, the most embaresing thing though was when they leaked through after i peed like 5 times (i had alo to drink that day) and also messes once, but at the end of the day i peed alot and it started leaking, and i just bolted out of class and ran to the bathroom. to conclude i love diapers and wearing them, but i had to continue to wet the bed so my mom kept buting me my daipers, and one saturday night i had my frein over ( by now i had told all my freinds i had to, and liked to wear diapers) so after awhile at like 4 in the morning she asked if she could try one, and she did and liked it, so we get the idea of wearing 2 each and filling them until they broke, so for the next 2 days (forgot to say my parents were in las vegas on a 2nd honeymoon) we didnt use a bathroom all day everyday, we smelled bad, and by sunday morning we finally changed eachother, and decide to wear as many as possible each, we were continuosly putting on diapers until they started to rip, i got on 15 she had 16, then we wore those until tuesday (also forgot to say it was summer and my parents wouldnt be back till thursday) we wore just our diapers, skirts, bras, and shirts for 3 days, and never went into a bathroom we just kepy messing and peeing our daipers, it was prolly the most fun ive ever had, then wednesday we diecided to change eachother, and it was raining out, so we deciided not to do anything that day, until i got the idea to walk around naked for awhile (wear nothing until thursday) so we were hesetant at first, but i was the first to take off my shirt and jeans, then she did, then she just took off her bra and panties then i did the same, and we just hung for the next 2 days naked, but we did explore our bodies quite a bit, we both materbated alot, and also ate eachother out a few times, we also found me moms double ***** in her closet, and tried it, we both orgasmed like crazy for like 5 hours, and we were soaked...

this was the best week ever... although i kinda lost track of the idea of diapers at the end...

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You should post pictures of you wearing 15 diapers before you wore them for a long time then after when they brake loved the story wish I could do what you did

Hi Dmiller666-I have a cousin who is 14 and she just recieved her sacrement of catholic baptism back in September.I helped dress her in the required white,poofy,top of the knees baptism dress and bonnet with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.we put a thick cloth diaper and loose fitting,adult size plastic pants on her with a white tee shirt as her top.she looked very cute and baby like in the outfit.All of the other girls in her class were also dressed in this required outfit and the boys were in white suits and ties.Two weeks after her baptism,she was a flower girl in her neices wedding and her mom told her that since was a newly baptized 'baby' that she had to wear her baptism diaper and plastic pants under her flower girl dress also so i again helped dress her and we put the diaper and plastic pants on her first,followed by her tee shirt,flower girl dress,veil,the lace socks and the white mary janes.

Do u have instagram

Awesome story i enjoyed it

Hi Dmiller666-I am 19 and i love wearing diapers and plastic pants and other baby type clothes also.I got started on diapers at 14 when i finially made my First holy communion and had to wear the communion dress,veil,tights and mary jane shoes.i had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my tights with a tee shirt as my top as the required underwear.i liked the diaper and plastic pants and have been wearing cloth diapers and the plastic pants ever since.

I love. Would love to see some pictures of that day :)

Great story... although i am not a fan of messy diapers...

I were them to . Send me a picture or call at 9493514996

omg id love to be you

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i wonder if i'll ever meet someone who would want to have that kind of fun... i sure hope so...

Same I want to meet a 16-17 year old AB/DL girl :)