Not My Favorite, But...

I definitely prefer something thicker, but as someone who is still in the proverbial closet about their diaper wearing, goodnites are awesome. It took a lot of nerve the first couple times I wore a goodnite under my clothes around my house with my roommates, but I quickly realized they were practically invisible under the right clothes. I still have to be a little careful as my roommates are also my best friends, so things like a hug or a playful slap on the *** is pretty common. I still worry that one of these days I'll be caught, but it's become a worry that's more exciting than nerve-wracking (or is it nerve-racking? anyone?). I don't wear them in public, but I'm working up the courage to do it. Until then, wearing and wetting my goodnites around my house is good enough for me.

WetGamerChic WetGamerChic
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i would love to feel your wet goodnites

Hi WetGamerChic, I love wearing nappies and no one outside of EP have a clue! I hope you don't get caught, but on the flip side if you do, who knows you may be able to the experience which will be soooo much better :)

Take care


what size goodnites do you wear at nite and do they leak please need to know im new to the world of peeing at nightime while i sleep

good job.i wet the bed and my mom gets mad at me:( my profile name is speedy0 ced someboding be my friend.reply

If I go out in public in a diaper I'm wearing goodnites, most of the time. I just love the cute designs on them. ;-)

There is nothing to worry about wearing in public, like you i was incredibly <br />
Nervous the first few times but believe me goodnites are invisible under most clothing<br />
Especially baggy track suite bottoms ( I think you call them sweat pants in america ;)<br />
And I agree there is nothing more satisfying than peeing your pullup in public

I love the look on peoples' faces when they swat my bottom. Sometimes the horror is their's to bare. I also think letting people who play Slap fanny need to be shocked unless they are close personal friends. If they are close personal friends they would also know you wear diapers. I have only a handful of close personal friends.

Just wanted to say hi...I am incont so I am in diapers 24/7. And a gamer also. As to the going out in public most people don't even notice. I have had wet messy diapers while out and not even a look. Best part of wearing diapers or pull ups as I do during the day...not having to wait in line for the bathroom. I have been at my fav game store that is really busy and there has been a line to the bath room...due in part that the store has a bar in it to...and just gone in my pull up no worries. <br />
Toddlerboythree.<br />
<br />
P.s whats your game of choice? Mine are RPGs

i sorta wet out in public i was on a porch,second floor level looking down on street(with ppl on it mind youi can see them,they cant see me,least far as i know!lol,and i could hear my pee drip as it went out of the crotch of my pants onto my legs socks and the floor,was running down to first floor too!lol

I have a similar problem. I always panic when I'm in wearing a dipaer in the common area with housemates about. I'm not at risk of being discovered via physical contact, but I am always concerned about them showing, or someone noticing the ruffling and slight outline. <br />
<br />
Also, nerve-racking. :)

Well I wear them all the time, except to work. It is fun going to a small store and buying some knowing that you have one on! I do not get asked any questions, i guess they assume it is for someone else. I was caught once because of my pants little lower than what was showing. It was just an awkward moment and i hurried out of there.