Directoire Knickers.

We here on the British Isles called them (Directoire Knickers), they were worn just above the knee, or mid thigh, elasticated waist and legs, (ruched effect), either cotton or silky material. During the war some lucky ladies were fortunate enough to acquire used parachute material and tailor there very own gorgeous knickers. Its still possible to buy these knickers on e.bay..I myself have several pairs, various colours.
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I wear DK's most days as they are so comfortable and the feeling next to the thighs is great.

I can't agree more Directoire Knickers are so feminine and such a turn on I weare Diectoire Knickers as often as possiable which is almost everyday,I can't understand why women have stoped wearing them perhaps someone can explain

dks are wonderful for sissy training. the legs with elastic are long enough that a sissy can't pee without dropping them and sitting. regular briefs do allow the leg opening to be pushed aside to pee. not that the sissy a sissy can't later wear granny panties.

I am British and unfortunately old enough to know exactly what Directoire Knickers were. They were Knickers/panties that spanned the space from often above the waist to just above the knees.......... almost pantaloons. While worn by elderly ladies. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, by American Terminology, Granny Panties. This is reserved for full cut briefs that reach often to above the waist but terminate at the loaction where the legs join the body. The famove Marlilyn Monroe picture, taken with her dress blow up from a street grating, shows her wearing "granny Panties" which were aslo made famous by Betty page; neither of which were likley to be seen in Dirctoire Knickers.

Directoire Knickers are a delight to see. When I grew up in the late 40's and early 50's, some women in the USA were still wearing DK's. They were a Godsend for women who bought stockings that were too short on their thighs. DK's would come down on the thigh far enough to cover the gap between stocking top and skin. Black DK's are my favorite color and I am in the process of getting a couple of new pairs of them.<br />
DK's are very sexy looking when worn with a girdle and stockings.