Nylon Granny Panties

I remember back in the 60's and 70's when panties were 100% nylon.  I love to wear nylon granny panties, and wish they were still 100% nylon.
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Good keep it up

I remember bk n the 90 n 2000 this older white lady wanted men to see her n her panties.. she would drive up in oxnard n flash her panties. She one time went into a late 7 eleven store in her panties bought her candy n soda n walked out. Goto mc donalds in her panties and pizza hut. She use to ask men do they love granny panty if yes she takes them to her cheesecake factory n pull her pants down having dinner or she toss her panties out the window onto the 405 fwy

Cotton Sucks!!!! Nylon panties with a Kotex Overnight Maxi Pad or 3 of then....

Look cotton feels good. Ppl make fun of granny panties calling them sheets.. grab a bbw in public tell a bbw she looks good in her panties.. i see white women in white panties. Makes me feel good as a man. I wear tighty whitey for my woman. I was just wearing boxers. Now i can wear white brief for my wife friends. They come over for dinner n i ask them r u wearing good panties tonight. If not i make them go bk home n put fresh undies on.. i always make them pull their pants down before entering my house. My wife has sexy bbw friends.. before sex i make my.wife put white brief or silk on to get started. We have a heavyset female friend. I give her love bc her ex left her. She comes over in hugh panties..she wear big white brief for me. When we drink alot they spend the nite n unbutton their big panties n ask me if its okay to be in their panties. My bbw wife goes to bed early when she drinks n i stay up her in our undies. Its great. I rub her **** at times for her bc she dont have a man that does this..im the king of my house.. yea her **** r great my wife too. They look too much alike.. they have same size **** n undies. My wife is okay with this.

Oh yes, I love the nylon crotch too!

CDralph, never herd of them!

Thanks for the info Fegenia

Oh, the good old days of 100% nylon panties! Just the feel of them was fantastic!

I was still a kid in the 60's. Going to school, wearing nylon briefs. Double nylon crotches. <br />
<br />
I'm not sure what I would have considered my favorite at the time. The brightly colored day of the week set was special. The ones with the ruffles, I have some of those now, Ruffle Butt panties. I had several with a lace panel in front. <br />
<br />
I've been an almost daily wetter since grade school. I learned fast to be sneaky and make sure no one caught me and most times I got away with it. What I really liked about the nylon panties with the double nylon gussets was I could sit on the toilet and pee right through them and they didn't get very wet at all. Most times, I didn't use the toilet. I think some of them were other materials too, like rayon. <br />
<br />
Today I have perhaps hundreds of panties. Half in Nylon, half in Cotton, and some other materials too. Since I still enjoy wetting, I prefer the cotton lined panties. The point is to get my panties wet after all.

Silk, yes I know. I remember the double nylon crotch ones!

Vanity Fair have cotton gussets not nylon.

Try Vanity Fair they still have 100% nylon panties

Not ouble layered crotch! Cotton lined.

I missed one commnet out there are lots of suppliers of all nylon full cut briefs on eBay. Also availble from satinRose Intimates. Try googling all nylon briefs.

Thanks for the info!

There are lots of very inexpenive custom panty makers on eBay that can provide products as good as the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's. There are also Internet Providers , such as www.satinroseintimates.com that keep stockof new retro panties. <br />
<br />
There is no reason to go with out that sensous feel and touch of Nylon Tricot, Antron or your old favorite in Full Cut or Bikini's.

tricot, how I agree

I so wish that nylon briefs would come back. I remember all the lace appliques, ruffles and the beautiful pastel colors.

I am the same as you, I remember the all nylon panties, normally pink, that is when I started in the 60's wearing them on and off.<br />
I now wear SILK FRENCH KNICKERS every day, I love the feel of silk against my **** and balls.

Great minds think alike!