I Love Granny Panties

I wear granny panties of all fabrics cotton, satin, nylon, silk, and any other kinds. I have them in any all colors, patterns, and designs. I wear a size 6.

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lexywedgie16 lexywedgie16
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8 Responses Jan 19, 2013

i think its cute... id rather see it than a thongs. it reminds me of a schoolgirl

Cute. :)

I wear them too ^-^

I love the Spandex ones

Do you have pictures? Add me as a friend please.

I love granny panties on girls, including myself! They are the best and sooooo comfy, and sorta sexy!

So do I but I prefer silky or satin big pants.

Satin granny panties

In the UK big granny pants are available in many materials.

I find nothing more attractive than a pair of nylon granny panties on a woman. They hug the butt like no other.