I've had siemens hearing aids for fourteen months. they have been sent to siemens twice for repair and replacement.  today I've had them exactly 14 months and one of them has stopped working  thats an average of about every 4 1/2 months!!!  is this normal ?  these are my first
siemensagain siemensagain
2 Responses May 21, 2012

I've had these hearing aids for a few years and never had a problem. I assume you have a little clasp where you put the battery in and click it in the hearing aid, what I do is leave the clasp away from the inside of the hearing aid so it can dry out.

Sometimes the wax can get in the ear mold part so you have to keep it clear of the wax and if you are able to see an ENT once a year to have your ears cleaned out. That's another thing I do.

I have been wearing HAs for 13 years. I usually get new ones every 2-3 years. My hearing aids had tubes come out, lost them, dog ate my molds, but never have hearing aids just stop working. Maybe you should try a different company. Do you keep them dry? Sometimes moisture from the inside my ears goes into the tube and block the sound. It happens to me now and then.