I'm So Used To Being In Heels Now

I did have to overcome an initial reticence over answering the door wearing heels - until I realized that it's MY house, MY front door, and few if any callers are going to be rude enough to make snide comments about what I'm wearing on my feet. So now I put my heels on the minute I get up - to put the dishwasher on, the washing machine, get the breakfast... everything that needs doing around the house I now do in my heels.

My favourites to wear at the moment are my 5.5" heeled black strappy gladiator sandals. They're really comfortable to stand and walk in, and wearing them with lace-top thigh-highs I feel really girly and sexy. I love the feeling of extra height and the sensation of my legs being stretched - and when I eventually took them off yesterday my feet ached for quite a minute or two being forced back into flat shoes.

I'm trying to wear heels of some sort outdoors as much as possible now too - I've plucked up the courage to go out in 3" heeled ankle boots with skinny jeans. It feels great being in heels and I really love wearing them.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Yep thats me too. Love it and being locked in them makes it all the more sexy.

iam born for heels too

It is a challenge to walk in them

<p>I have the same feeling , that it's my house. I'm fortunate to have friends over the years that actually like me cross dressed when we are together which I hoper you also have. I'm much more outgoing when dressed in female clothing and as you love the feeling of a tight girdle ( which is almost desired as much as my friend's hand firm hand on my *** when we are out)<br />
Although I wear skirks a lot I have grown to like tight jeans over dark control top pantyhose with a pair of 3 inch heel MJ's. This way they can see that I am wearing hose when I sit at the coffee shop and it makes for wonderful conversation. Also I've met some good friends sitting this way when I notice them staring at my feet. I just love my fem side and enjoy hearing the clicking of my heels as I walk across tile floors at the Mall. I added you and hope you can read some of my stories as I feel we are a lot alike, TTFN.</p>