The Sound Of Heel On Wood

I like wearing high heels, i've so many different styles but nearly all have some kind of high heel. My mood changes as to my favourite ones but at the moment, a black leather court shoe with a four inch stiletto heel and an ankle strap are my choice for a night out. They sound great clicking on a wooden floor.
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Absolutely agree with you. I've always loved the sound of very high heels on a hard surface. They sound erotic and sexy especially if they are either steel stilettoes spanking the ground or very high bare wooden heels which are hard to find now as they were part of the 1970s sexy fashion era. If you see any wooden clogs with 6" to 8" on a website or in a London shop, I would be most grateful if you could let me know at my email address below.

I wish.....I like to stick them in a bowl of cold water...wonderful.

I can wear them but they aren't very comfortable for long periods. Taking them off is bliss.

I also understood, that some woman don't like wear them, sometimes its easy to get some accident. 3 and more inches are not for newbies :D Sometimes need a learning curve to be able wear and walk in high heels, or if somebody is an authentic woman, well she didn't need, its in the DNA, immediately able to walk in heels. Am, I"m an authentic woman, at least in my soul, I just jumped in my mothers high heels and walk them, without any trouble.

Has to be done with confidence and a sense of expectant anticipation.

Staccato..... Might not be true but sounds good.

Is there any name of this sound??

Thanks. I'm an audiophile too.

I ADORE the sound my heels make on a hardwood floor- such a girlie thing! hugs, jenni

Would like to know just how high your heels are please.

I can understand why some women wouldn't want to wear them. They do hurt my feet and i've twisted an ankle a few times. I suppose i sacrifice comfort for looks at times. I just feel a little more confident in them for some obscure reason..

My wife likes to wear high heel boots they give a lot more support & attract submissive men

I have felt wood splinter under my heel more than once. I try to walk on the ball of my feet if I can but sometimes it's impossible. If i start to feel that sinking feeling I try to mover around a bit. Although I was mad at my ex bf once and I just kept leaning on my heels sinking them deeper into his wood floors. I know pretty bad but hey thats a woman right so don't make us mad...LOL!!!

Goodness, what is with people and high heels, may I ask? Yes, they look nice when worn, but they are also extremely uncomfortable. They give you ankle problems, and, in short, suck. Please do not bombard me with phrases like: "Well, you're probably tall, and don't need them" and "You are strange" and things like that. I admit, I am strange. I do not wear makeup, high heels, or do my hair up in any way other than a ponytail. I do not wear girly clothing, and prefer comfort other than looks.

Staccato. I was looking for the right word, it sounds very apt.

I luv hearing the 'tap, tap, tap' as I walk in high heels. Wonderful sound.

Damaging the floor its not so hard in high heel. I did it on a floor tile. It had some weak point, and I find it...

Sometimes the sound of high heels makes me turn round so quick my head could fall off. <br />
I love it<br />
I love it<br />
I love it<br />
I love it

They make such a satisfying sound when you walk on a wooden floor. It announces an arrival.