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How I Started Wearing High Heels

I had had no thought or desire to wear high heels until some days ago. It all started when I came across some pairs of high heels with a locking ankle strap and real padlocks on them. I found it quite an appealing concept, imagining my girlfriend locking some high heels on me and thus "forcing" me to wear them for as long as she pleased. I found this thought very sexy, to be stuck with such uncomfortable but stylish shoes on my feet. The style that caught my eye was this one

It's a pair of 5 inch high heeled black patent pumps that have an ankle strap. The ankle strap is secured with a chain and padlock and prevents the wearer from removing the shoe unless it's undone by unlocking it. I became so excited with this so I placed an order on these sexy babies since they were available my size. Being a man and never having worn heels before, I figured it'd be hard as hell - let alone dangerous - to walk in these pumps. So, until I get my hands on these sexy pumps, I've decided to spend some time practising on lower heels, I secretly borrowed a pair of my mom's 2 3/4 inch heels to get used to walking in heels. It was a little difficult at first but I must say I've reached a point now, some days later, when I find it quite natural to walk in these. I can't wait to lock the 5 inch ones on my feet. It must be a lot harder to walk in those, but at least, I've made a start with the lower heels and I've got the knack of it, so it should come easier!

UPDATE: Received the high heels, had the ankle straps shortened so that they fit snugly around my ankles and posted a video of me walking around in these high heeled beauties. In the video, the pumps are locked on my feet and they keys dumped in a large container full of stuff in my kitchen. Had to spend about 20 minutes to find them and use them to remove the shoes afterwards! I am also wearing a skirted gymnastics leotard and a pair of black pantyhose.
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Love it. I got caught dressed when a friend stopped by. Oh yes, so exciting

(My answer was so long and rambling, that I put the whole thing on my blog, this is an excerpt from it)<br />
<br />
I can still remember my 1st pair of real 'store bought' high heels. I made a few experimental attempts when I was out on my own after graduating college and working at my 1st job. I didn't try to make a shoe, more like a platform heel that I added to some cheap sandals to simulate the height of a high heeled shoe, they didn't last long or hold up well, but the sensation was incredible and i knew I had to conquer my fear and buy some, some how, some where.<br />
<br />
I had already bought a few pairs of pantyhose, a girdle and some spandex exercise items in the previous 5 or so years, but high heels were different. They were the ultimate in femininity and forbidden fruit for me. I bought them from a wal-mart, with other items like pantyhose, an all in one girdle, some stockings, a slip, a bra, panties and who knows what else. <br />
<br />
They were black, fake leather pumps, with a skinny 4 inch heel, and pointy toes. I secretly tried them on in the aisle, just to make sure they were the right size, and they were an 11, the largest they had in a style with a stiletto heel.<br />
<br />
At some point after that, I bought some hot pink pumps from a payless or similar store. They were almost 5 inches high, which was hard to find in a store in '90-91, not like today's crazy sky high heels everywhere you look.

Please watch the video I posted and tell me what you think!

I did Sis. You walk almost as well as I do in 5" heels. ;-)

@billycuck<br />
This is where we differ! Although I do have a thing for pantyhose, high heels, nail polish, bondage and forced feminization, I am a normal straight guy that wants to have a "traditional" relationship with his wife. That is, NOT share her with anyone, I do love her and am sexually attracted to her but I want her for myself. However, it's always nice to hear about other people's interests!

3 1/2 inch, for me seems to be the cusp of not being able to walk totally like a guy anymore. It forces you to lead with your crotch area when you walk and stand up straight at attention. One of my fantasies is to have my wife lock me in a nice tight corset and 5" stilettos and walk on a treadmill set up at the foot of the bed with my hands tied behind my back while she stares into my eyes as she is grinding violently on one of her regular lover's member and is totally carried away in ecstasy! After he is done with her she would make me clean her up with my tongue and announce to me that I am NEVER allowed to have intercourse with her again while she permanently locks me in chastity! "You will from now on be my s*x slave and you will do WHAT I say, WHEN I say, and HOW I say and you WILL LIKE it!" " You will also be paying for this p*ssy by buying any sexy clothes, an excessive amount of shoes that my many lovers require, and any trips that I go on with or without you." " You are now my sweet cuckold honey and I am going to keep you for my very own and only share you with my girlfriends only to clean their house and wait on them!"

You had me going there right up to the point where another guy got involved. I'd prefer to be cuffed to the treadmill, and have my wife turn up the speed to see how far I can push it. See which gives out first my feet or the lack of breath from being tight laced.

I don't have locking shoes but what I do have is a steel boned corset. When that is tightly laced I cant reach my feet to take off my 5 inch stiletos. It's wonderfully restrictive.

I just received the pumps! Luckily, the fit my feet very well and they're quality shoes. I'll probably need some special insoles to make them a little more comfortable. Well, walking in 5 inch heels isn't one of the easiest things, but it surely isn't that hard! I have to take smaller steps and be careful when walking in these. My walking was a little clumsy - certainly not natural - but they don't seem very hard to get used to, for me at least.<br />
Here is a photo of me wearing them.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
They feel really great to stand on and I know I'll get used to walking in them. My only problem is that the locking strap is quite loose on my ankle even if it is tightened as far as it goes. However, it is effective, once I snapped the padlocks shut, I couldn't take the pumps off! I will get the straps modded / sewn so that they're shorter and thus tighter on my ankles and feel more secure.<br />
<br />
I'll have to be careful with the keys as well as Connie suggested. I wouldn't want to use tools to damage the shoes in order to get them off! I'll give the keys to my girlfriend I guess! If you haven't experienced being locked in very high heels, definitely try it. It feels wonderful! If you're going to be using them not only for bedroom play but outdoors in public too, I'd recommend leaving the keys at home! :)

can't find your pic

The pic is still there as I just checked to make sure. Just follow the link and then click on a link saying continue to media on the top right :)

found it - would've been nicer if you'd been wearing hose

Yes, it would be good and that's why as you can see from the video, I AM wearing hose! Are you sure that you watched the video?

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Step carefully, there is a big difference between low heels and high heels. I can walk, unsteadily, in 4.5 in. heels but I can RUN in 2.5 in.

Once you start wearing heels you will be hooked it can become a very expensive fetish so be prepared to spend a lot of money and not all women will accept