Prom Time & She Knows Me

Prom Time!

Last night after church we made our customary stop for a cocktail at our favorite restaurant bar.  It has wonderful food and excellent service, but we often just visit the bar for a few drinks and then home for dinner.

We generally sit at the bar where our friendly bartender, Bernie, knows our choice of beverages and has them going whenever he sees us come in.  Last night, the bar was crowded.  The season at the Lake has begun and the party groups will make our going-out more difficult.  But it is good for the business and our community has a resort economy.

We did find an open bar table just off the entrance and the reception area.  My wife took the side that looked directly toward the door and lobby where she could see anyone approaching the front door and as they entered.  I had my back to this area.  Before the waitress, Jessica, could even get our order, Bernie was gesturing from behind the bar that he had already poured my wife's Cabernet and my "422" tap!

As we talked, my wife looked beyond me and began commenting on all the young people dressed for the local high-school Prom.  Occasionally, I would turn and see the young women in their formal dresses - all shapes and sizes.  I bet you know where this is going?  

Many of the dresses were ones that I would love to model.  There is nothing like dressing up when you're "dressing up."  As we talked and watched my wife made an unusual comment considering what we both know about me.  She said that only a few of the young women could really walk in their high and strappy heels.  I almost said that I could walk in any of them.  But she knows that!  One of the reasons she is not crazy about the CD thing is that she know how well I can negotiate in those stilettos, be they pump, open toes, sling-backs or strappy.   

So now I can add Prom time to my fantasies about dressing up.  Would they let me dress up and chaperone?

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1 Response May 13, 2012

Proms are wonderful displays of femininity at it's best for sure! Every girTl and girl at heart loves a dress up party!<br />
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I will crane my neck at any opportunity to see one when and where ever any aspect, the photo in the yard, getting into the limo the arrival at the high school or ball room. Had it been possible at my own Senior Prom, I would have done my best to be prom queen. Not possible in those days, but today, there a slight probability for our youngsters to partake.<br />
<br />
What we did do though a couple of times in the past was to go to proms that were specifically catering to the T crowd. and had a great time at them. TCNE sponcers one each spring just so that some of the girls who would never have the chance can go. The first one Dee and I attended together was held in MA. Dee wore my Tux and I wore my bridesmaid dress. And to the delight of Dee, I was voted prom queen and she class hunk. It was an evening to relish as It was our prom. A very important right of passage for any feminine girl. Let me see if I can find a photo or two!

What was the movie, "BeckySue gets married"? it's pure girly prom galore!