A Dressing Afternoon!

After just completing my last story about witnessing prom attendees, I knew that I would want to dress up - even for a little - as soon as I got the chance.  I'm not always affected that way when I see an attractive woman all dressed up, but when I see many of them, I want to join the crowd.

My wife had to go out for an hour, so here I go.  As I write this, I am now wearing a "Sweet Nothings" body shaping unitard, with a front clip lace bra in skin tone.  I have the shear bra filled with silicone inserts to about a B cup.  Over these I have one pair of silky sun tone panty hose and one pair of black silky panty hose with a French-cut panty detail.  

Over my foundation garments and lingerie, I have a light weight knit dress with a self-tie detail on the side.  This dress comes just below mid thigh.  It's a very classy looking number, but would probably adapt well to a more casual environment with the right accessories.  It is a subtle green speckled pattern.  I found it at Marshall's for a steal - it had a suggested retail of $118, closed out for $15.  I feel better about dressing up when I'm finding bargains.  Usually, thrift & consignment stores have the best bargains, but Marshall's can be incredible if you catch them at the right time.

Finally, I have bottomed off the outfit with the black patented open toed platform heels that I wore for my profile picture.  A gold necklace and some clip hooped earrings and I'm all set.

I'm not really dressed for Prom, but it would certainly do for a night on the town or to the theatre. 
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1 Response May 14, 2012

There must be a way to bring the wife into the picture. NOT as ADVICE, I'll tell how I intend to "come out" for my somewhat less "ambitious" urges. Wife already is in my picture, so again, this may not be suitable for you. I'm going to tell my family--siblings, children, cousins, nieces, nephews--about my identity on this site. This will have the advantage of letting them deal with it without my eyes on them. That will reduce tension somewhat and maybe allow a tolerant, maybe even sympathetic, response.<br />
I'm holding off until I feel I have made enough stories and comments for them to roam around a bit and become desensitized as much as may be. I suspect that full information is best, just as half-information is disturbing or frightening.<br />
For some of my family this will be no surprise, as I've been loosening up as I get older, finding ways to tell those I considered ready.