I Love Wearing High Heels

Doesn't matter if they're 2 inches or 5 inches or anywhere in between.

Not only do they make my legs look good but they have a way of making me feel somehow confident and in control.

I love wearing high heels and wear them every chance I get.





Guess I'm kinda tall at 5' 8", however I still love high heels. They are exquisite in how they make my legs look and how thwy make me feel.

Other women my height include: Tia Carrere, Jill Clayburgh, Marcia Cross, Ellen DeGeneres, Veronica Hamel, Mel Harris, Anne Hathaway, Faith Hill, Whitney Houston, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diane Keaton, Diana Krall, Jessica Lange, Angela Lansbury, Andee Macdowell, Ali MacGraw, Pamela Sue Martin, Debra Messing, Maureen O'Hara , Elizabeth Perkins, Rihanna, Molly Mimi Rogers, Isabella Rossellini, Rene Russo, Meg Ryan, Cybill Shepherd, Mary Steenburgen, Sharon Stone, Emma Thompson, Daphne Zuniga.

Guess I'm doing alright. I'll love high heels forever.

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High stiletto heels usually look great, which enhances whoever wears them, at which women really excelled. Just because a lot of men (and there are a lot of them) haven't been as public about their wearing of high heels doesn't mean they can't walk and look good in them, also. Now society may have allowed women to take ownership of the high heel look causing the belief that heels are only feminine attire, but if they were to realize the truth of this matter, social labeling of attire has been at the mercy of the times. Back in the Renaissance Era, men were known to wear ruffles, laces, and embroidered clothes. Short pants with tights were also common male wear. The more affluent men wore footwear usually supported by significantly raised block type heels (although not near as high as the heels of today). These noted items of adornment weren't easy to come by and possessing them meant they were in the higher level of the social caste system or subordinates who were trying to break into the social upper class. So caste systems and gender labeling attire are man-made ideas, which can be changed if there are some pressing movements and enough social attitudes will it to be so.

so do I....but I'm a guy

Great post. I am the same height 5'8" and love to wear heels for myself and my husband. I read an article about Jessica Lange and had pictures of her in heels, what a beauty.

love heels i am 6'1 and love the effect heels have more confident and happy

love heels i am 6'1 and love the effect heels have more confident and happy

most def a women with heels and great legs are overlooked and under appreciated.

I am tall too. It's nice to be eye level with the guys. They make my legs look great and I know guys like them too ;)

High heels on a woman ROCK. You look great and I wanna see those legs!!

Women just look GREAT in heels. I'm a big fan.

It is such a huge confidence boost! And I understand what you mean about making you feel in control. That's how I feel! High heels command attention! And rightfully so!

I don't know, I've always been able to walk in them since I was young. Slipped them on and just took off, no hesitation of wobbling or anything. I guess I am lucky. Thanks.

i wish i'd able to walk on high heels because i love the way it makes my legs look and the shoe itself is sexy....<br />
you're lucky dear!