I Feel More Natural In High Heels

    I am guy and I wear high heels as often as possible. I love how they make my legs look more slender, shapely, and sexy. I like the way I walk when I am wearing a pair of 3, 4, or 5 inch heels. I am even very good at walking in high heeled shoes, must be from lots of practice I guess.

    I used to try on and wear my mom's high heels when I was a boy and even more so as a teenager. In my adult years I have found I wear high heels even more often. I am so much more comfortable when I am wearing high heeled shoes. I wear them for hours upon hours at a time.

    I love going to shoe stores in the mall or in shopping plazas. The area where I live is blessed with many shoe stores within reasonable driving distance. We have dsw, payless, as well as shoe stores in the malls. I enjoy going into all these stores to shop for high heels. I always wear pantyhose under my pants or shorts when I shoe shop. I always try on numerous pairs of high heeled shoes and boots before making my purchases. I make sure to walk around a bit through the store to find a mirror to look at my shoes and to really feel how they fit while walking. Almost always the salesgirls are extremely helpful, even if some of them are amused by me wearing heels.

    Since I have such a high heeled shoe fetish I love shopping for shoes and try to go as often as possible. I own around 50 pairs of various high heeled pumps, sandals, slingbacks, slides, and boots. I wear them almost always around home when I am relaxing. I also love slipping on a pair in my office when I am doing office work or computer work. I also wear them out in public as often as possible, especially when I am dressed as Bridget in my dress, or skirt, pantyhose or nylons, and high heels. This is when I feel most comfortable, at ease, and very natural. I just love the click, click, clicking sound my high heels make on the street, concrete, or the floors of the mall or stores. Count on me to wear high heels for the rest of my life!

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4 Responses Nov 16, 2009

Well I am a straight guy that loves to wear heels, shoes boots with my jeans or trousers nothing else girly just my heels showing in full veiw sticking out of my jeans, I really enjoy it but cannot tell you why, been doing it all my life, and cannot give it up.

I started wearing high heels when lots of little boys like to play with their mommy's heels and purses. I then stopped, but suddenly around the age of 9 or 10 I realized that I had to wear high heels and lingerie. When I was younger it wasn't unusual for a 10 year old to be left alone during the day and I had a field day wearing nylons, panties and the highest spiked heels my mother had. Also, a corset. OMG, I loved hooking a corset on my body and see the way it cinched in my waist and pushed my boy boobs together. But, learning to walk in heels wasn't very difficult for me. I loved them so much. The way they made my legs look, they way they looked when I crossed my legs. It is a major fetish in my life now along with silky lingerie. I'm masculine looking, good gym bod, totally gay and totally queer for panties and heels. No one believes it if I should happen to tell them. And I do tell them:)


Thank you stilettoJo. That is a great story. You truly have discovered the magic and the pleasure of wearing high heels.<br />
Keep wearing heels. It is the only way to go.