I absolutely luv wearing high heels.  I own about 6 pairs of high heeled pumps as well as 5 pairs of high heeled boots, including 1 pair that are over the knee and black leather.  Wearing heels gives me an incredible hardon - something that can only be relived the natural way.  I also luv to wear my regualr male attire, esp. jeans, with high heeled pumps and walk out that way.  Especially enjoy going out that way and head to the nearest Payless Shoes shop to find more high heeled shoes.  The sales girls usually are very friendly, and definitely realize that crossdressers can be some of their best customers.  One of them actually thought my heels were very hot, and she asked if I wanted her to join me one evening.  She came over a few nights later wearing a pair of full fashioned cuban heel stockings, as well as a pair of 6" red patent high heels.  She brought the same pair for me in my size, and we made passionate and erotic love that evening.  She asked me if I wanted to be her slave - I couldn't get the words yes out of my mouth quick enough.  She now makes me wear high heels while she takes me to her girl friends house and treats me like the pig i am, having her friends abuse and humiliate me.  I just absolutely luv this,and look forward to our next session.

mariacd6 mariacd6
Feb 16, 2010