L'eggs Sheer Energy Style 60800

I love these pantyhose and wear style 60800 often. I love the soft silkiness of the legs in these pantyhose and would love to find a pair where the pantie is just as soft and sheer as the legs. Can anyone help?
tyderdon tyderdon
2 Responses Jan 5, 2011

One Hanes Place has sheer energy on sale 6 pairs for $18.99 great deal al the right colors and the sheer enrgy feel that is soooo good both on and touching with your own fingers....

I'm not sure what style 60800 is, but I can recommend Sheer Vitality. It is a sheerer version of Sheer Energy. They are smoother, more "slippery", and a bit shinier. But they are sheerer so there's not as complete "coverage". It's the only other style that comes in sheer-to-waist. I wear them usually in warmer weather, under short shorts or running shorts. I wear them all over New York City. A few people seem to notice, but not many. They're very subtle pantyhose. Very pretty.

if there's one thing that i've appreciated about pantyhose. it's the fact that it didn't stay with just 100% nylon. i grew up being dressed by my mom in the petticoat era. so, when she put my garterbelt on, the nylon stockings were not as pleasureable feeling or sheer, as those new nylon/spandex combination pantihose. fortunately, there are several brands of gartered nylon stockings who make sheer nylons in a more sexy feeling combination of nylon (usually around 86%) and spandex (usually 14%) that are not only shinier. but also feel so "slippery" with every step. that i'll often enjoy another one of my "auto-erotic ejaculations" inside my diapers, while wearing them at work or out and about with the family.
thanks for sharing!