Sheer Energy Pantyhose Makes My Legs Feel FANTASTIC!!!

I have been wearing support pantyhose since I was diagnosed with a severe DVT in my left leg. I had a procedure done a couple of years ago to correct the chronic DVT in my leg, but still suffer from leg fatigue, swelling and cramping when I am on my feet too long. My doctor had recommended wearing therapeutic support pantyhose to help relieve the cramping, fatigue and swelling.  I tried all of the leading brands of therapeutic support hose. Some were good some were not so good. 

I found some decent support hose that were just under $20 a pair. I stocked up and started wearing them. As I started having to replace them, I realized this is going to get very expensive, very quickly! I started looking for alternative. After trying every pair of regular support pantyhose (ie the pantyhose you can buy at discount and department stores) I settled on L'eggs Sheer Energy Pantyhose. They really helped relieve the fatigue and cramping I suffered from and did it at a very affordable price. They are comfortable and durable!

I work as a nurse now, working 12 hour shifts and am on my feet and legs all day long. My legs never bother  me before, during or after my shift! I NEVER go a day without my Sheer Energy Pantyhose!
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I agree with you. I hear so many complain about how pantyhose are the most uncomfortable thing they have EVER worn! I did a twitter search on pantyhose and a lot of women were even saying The Devil created pantyhose! Really!?!?!?!<br />
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One of the most interesting complaints I have heard from women is that pantyhose make their legs feel like they are in sausage casings. I almost laugh out loud when I hear them say that. They have to be wearing the wrong size! That is the only time I am remotely uncomfortable in pantyhose. 99% of the time, if I am wearing the appropriate size, I forget I have them on!!! Same thing goes for the women that complain about their pantyhose not staying up. I rarely have a problem with that, unless I am wearing a the wrong size!<br />
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Glad to hear your story!

I love wearing legs sheer energy . It all starting with a few women in my office complaining about having to wear them . I decided to evaluate the situation myself . I began wearing different brands under my suit everyday. What I found out there were a few brands that did not do well , However I found a few that fit good . Stayed up . And also made my legs feel energized rather than tired and aching. Legs Sheer energy , and or silken mist was my favorite. Not only did I love wearing them ,I now wear them every day . I also find them very exciting to wear I love how they feel on me . So the final decision was made in my office and although no one really knows how the decision came about , But it is part of the dress code .

Awesome! It great to hear about the circulatory benefits, and reduction in overall leg fatigue a pair of pantyhose can provide.