Energize Me

I thought it was just me, but I guess not I seem to remember they used to feel a lot nicer. I remember they made my legs feel nice and energized kind of tingly. The sheer Elegance are ok but they just don't feel as nice.
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Try ordering your ph ate www.onehanesplace.com I agree with you that the hose now do feel different than they used to.

first in the morning i wear pantyhose for feeling femme energey and all day alot years iamam in PH nonostop ican not live without naylon feeling ,opposite from my wife nw after 50 and before not lik enaylon on her nighter panties and all other lingere so today iamma wearing her silk ypanzties and my pantyhose daily ,iwish to wear more lingere but... later step by step years by years kiss

I used to get these pantyhose at a special store for cross-dressers it was stretchy and glittery and they were probably more like tights but they felt sooo good and they made my legs look nice, Sometimes i would see guys looking and it looked like their eyes were bulging out of their head. I remember one guy just came up to me eyes bulging and just looking at my legs but he never said anything. Maybe he was drunk?

thank you so much for the good advice I will have to try them. Leggsits active support

Yeah, I remember leggs being way silkier and had more squeeze. If I wear leggsits only Active Support... the rest are too flimsy and weak.