I Love Leggs Pantyhose

Leggs makes excellent pantyhose. I just baught myself 12 pairs of leggs sheer energy control top in black and nude. I wear them everyday and i find them to be very comfortable and very smooth. It is a turn on to me to wear them. I love black and suntan. i also love the tight feeling that they give your body. nothing beats a great pair of leggs.
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2011

Oh hi. You have to try Leggs Active support ... They are my favorite!!!!

Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

I like the Sheer Energy control top as it does a better job on hiding the lil' package. The sheer to waist seam to loose for me. I only wear jet black and once in a blue moon, I'll wear nude that seam longer in the same size as black does. Don't know why that is, black Queen, & b-size nude seam as same length. <br />
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What I'd like to know is what Queen size or B-size will stretch up to be for max height wearable.<br />
The Legg's sheer Energy size chart sux imho<br />
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6' height 145 weight for Queen in their size chart for women. Hell gurl I'm 6'3" at 265 and queen fit good with a tad extra avail for height. Their size charts bites the big weenie. as close as I can guess, I'm a womans size 6' 160 lbs or UT12 in pant size like a.n.a. UT12 @ JCP.com<br />
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I used to really like Leggs, but the quality seems to have suffered in the past years. I like the Active Support style and I always have several pairs on hand, but I have been buying support styles from Europe and find that they last longer and feel much silkier.<br />
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Thanks for adding me btw :)