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Nice And Warm

About 2 months ago, I bought some girl jeans. I like to wear them with my panties, they feel so nice. I just wish I could fill them out better than I do. My butt is so straight, no curves in other words. Anyway though, it has been getting cold in the mornings and without my hair on my body I have been suffering the cold whether, so I did what any girl would do and added pantyhose to my wardrobe, under my jeans. What a joy. They keep me warm and make me feel good at the same time. I don't know why women complain about them so much. Other that the fact that they like to roll down, they feel so nice on the legs. I feel so special when I wear them, just like a girly girl.
MaryAnn4665 MaryAnn4665 46-50, M 4 Responses Nov 28, 2011

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i grew up in the petticoat era, before pantyhose were available. and my mom didn't buy me my first garterbelt and stockings until i was 15. so, i've always had a preferrence for wearing gartered nylon stockings instead of pantyhose. but, when the mini-skirt era replaced my petticoats. i found various occaisons when it was necessary to wear pantyhose.<br />
<br />
what i'd like to ask here. does anyone ALSO wear silky nylon pant liners over their pantyhose, under their jeans, trousers, or slacks? how about those silky short legged "pettipanties", (often referred to as "beaver cheaters" in my mini-skirt wearing days) over your pantyhose while wearing shorts or a short skirt?<br />
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for me, i enjoy the double silky sensations with every step, of my silky nylon clad legs rubbing against the silky nylon pants liner, rubbing against my pants legs. <br />
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just wondering if i'm our of my realm.<br />
<br />

Same here, MaryAnne! I feel so special when I'm wearing pantyhose!! I mostly wear pantyhose with my dress slacks, but sometimes I wear them with jeans too. The feeling of your nylon encased legs rubbing with the fabric of the jeans is simply orgasmic!

I love to wear pantyhose as well under my clothing not just because of the fetish I have for them but also they keep me warm as well. I try and wear them or tights everytime I go skiing for the warmth and feeling I just wory about getting hurt and being found out that I wear them.

I have also been worried about getting hurt, getting to the hospital and everyone finds out of my wearing pantyhose and the fact that I paint my toenails red but you know what? The joy these little things give you is much greater than the fear of being caught in them. Most people are narrow-minded and name something as "weird" because it's not typical of men to wear stuff that's considered feminine. Wear what you like and support it!

i agree!

imagine having to wear thick sets of real cloth diapers with plastic panties 24/7, having a pair of 38-C breasts left over from being on hrt for 30 years, and also wearing women's things along with having your nails painted, like me?

Absolutely my dear. I feel exactly the same way. The joy far outweighs the risk!

I shave my legs in Sept or around there and reallly feels sexy when I put em on after I shower.