May I Digress.

I dont know how many of you remember back when Leggs were delivered to stores by beautiful women in little pick up trucks. Dressed to the 'nines'. Wearing a cute dress or a great top and skirt wearing pumps and a matching or contrasting Leggs stocking product. Then the trouble began. The guys wanted those delivery jobs too. When push came to shove the men did get the jobs and that was the end of the beautiful women delivering Leggs to stores. In my humble opinion the company should have just handed the men a womans skirt and top complete outfit with pumps and said " You want the job - Here's the uniform".

Just my opinion.
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I remember them well, along with the stewardesses on Southwest Airlines in their hot pants and hose. Now what they wear is barely a uniform and half the stews are guys.

Amen. I rember that too.

Yes, you've got that right. However it was at a time when women were entering the jobs that had previously been held only by men and this was just one of the ways men were striling back. So yes men killed the "georgous Chic" so to speak. But it was a time of turmoil over what gender was doing what jobs. Today a lot of women that went into ":male": jobs are no longer there because they just didn't really enjoy working in manholes at 9 degrees or at 98 degrees for that matter. Not that they couldn't do the work but they just didn't want to turn themselves into a man.

jog equality gone wrong the uniform was a dress or skirt that is what the men should have worn

YES! In the late 70's/early 80's I worked for a supermarket part time. The Leggs representative was Fran. She always wore a Leggs issued polo and a pair of navy shorts and of course sheer energy pantyhose. She came in about every other week to re-stock the Leggs rack. It was a quite a rack to boot....nothing like drug stores have today. Many times I checked her stock in. Most times it was in the about 75-100 pairs. A few times we chatted a little about pantyhose. A was still very very shy about my pantyhose affection back then.

Yes, the Leggs deliveries were 'watched' by a lot of guys. Just to get a glimpse of a woman dressed to the 'nines' in those wonderful skirts and dresses. I think leggs made a horrible mistake when they just didn't hand the guys the "uniform" and say - You want the job - Here is the uniform . LOL

they should have made the men that wanted the job at least wear shorts and hose. i remember the ladys and wanted that job just so i could wear hose with shorts but I was too young

You are right. I remember knowing the day the Leggs truck showed up at my local 7-11 back in the early 70's. I would hang out there as a teen waiting for her in that outfit that had my jerkin for day's. <br />
I had forgotten they were driven by some hell'a cute chicks back in the day. Thanks for bringing up good ole' memories. ;)) Back when the plastic egg was popular

Yep, sure did. It was a shame because I Loved to admire those ladies :)

Wow I didn't know that happened, those men oughta be ashamed of dem 'selves