Scuba Hose

For the last 5 years I conduct atleast 1 dive a year where I wear Leggs pantyhose as part of my exposure suit for the dive. My first year I wore Sheer Energy hose under a full wet suit and conducted a dive. I wasn't real impressed with doing so by the end of the dive as the neoprene wetsuit had pulled the pantyhose tight and by the end of that dive my toes were extremely pinched and sore from the tight, wet hose and dive boots that are worn before wearing fins. Since that first dive I have changed the looseness of the hose around my toes to compensate for the pull of the wetsuit as I don the suit. Those dives were more comfortable. This year I wore Legg's Sheer Energy Active Support suntan hose and wore them with a shorty wetsuit, which is basically a wetsuit with leg openings that extend to just above the knees. This means that my pantyhose were exposed. I donned my equipment and splashed in. I dove to 55 feet down where the water temp was about 64 degrees. It felt so good to be doing the 2 things that are so important to me. Wearing hose exposed and diving. At the conclusion of the dive I surfaced to find that my family as well as some others staying at the resort were in the water. I took my gear off and set it on the dock and swam around for a while before exiting the water while the others were around. My Leggs hose were awesome looking soaked wet. They were so dark and shiny on my legs. The others may have noticed them but nothing was said. As is my post dive tradition I returned to the cabin, shucked the shorty wet suit, cracked open a Coors Light, and drank down the cold beer as the afternoon sunlight dried my pantyhosed legs and caused a brilliant shimmer on my legs. Pantyhose diving is awesome.
Iaphoseman Iaphoseman
41-45, M
Jun 21, 2012