i have always been a legg fan,,,i buy the Energy stw to wear around the house,,color depends on mood,but for wearing active-support,you cant beat them,,i only buy them in nude,tan or black,they are the best for a long day on my feet,,,one pointer,,,if you will wash them in oilay body wash,it will make them last alot longer
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Your right ,active support are the best i have a pair on right now and they feel great,i dont wont to take them off ,

You are so right about the Leggs active support pantyhose.You can't beat them. Price is pretty reasonable too. I really love these pantyhose. They're very supportive and they look and feel great. I love the way my legs look in them. The only color that I like is the nude. As a matter of fact, last night I went in to the Leggs,Hanes outlet store and purchased some more bags of pantyhose in sheer toe and reinforced toe. And I went in to the store wearing a pair of active support with some shorts. (First time I go out wearing pantyhose in public). So now I have quite a bit of pairs:) They are on sale buy one and get the second for half off. So I took advantage of the sale because it ends soon.

Here's a tip when your wearing pantyhose, put lotion on your leg's before you slip into them and they'll stay in place all day.

Thanks for the tip. Sorry for the late response. I had my account in vacation mode, but now I'm back.