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L'Eggs Sheer Energy Rock!

As a guy, I have worn L'eggs Sheer Energy, suntan with control top and reinforced toe for years! First and foremost, they feel awesome. They stay up all day and last forever, too.

I'm a single father, and lately I have been discretely asking women friends what they think about guys wearing pantyhose. Allbut one of ten had no issues. I usually get the subject started by asking if pantyhose are warm in the winter.

One friend said yes, and asked if I wanted to try wearing them. I coyly replied by saying yes, but didn't know what type of pantyhose to buy. She told me she would buy me some like she wore. When I picked them up from her, you can guess what they were. L'eggs Sheer Energy, suntan with control top and reinforced toe!
custrme74 custrme74 46-50, M 2 Responses Feb 16, 2013

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Nice should model them for her next time you see her.

Sounds like it was meant to be. I like stockings and garterbelts. Easy access! And I sweat a lot its better for me ,I do sometimes buy the pantyhose with open crotch love those but there nit cheap. Enjoy!