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I have worn leggs sheer energy suntan sense they were in the egg,and that has been a really long time. I've tried other kinds and brandsand none are as strong and as durable not to mention they make my legs look and feel great.

leggs4me leggs4me 51-55, T 20 Responses Dec 6, 2009

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thanks 4 the tip,I'll try that

I love that brand also I have found that if you wash them in pert shampoo/conditioner that they will last. A long time

thanks 4 the tip,anything to make them last longer helps

Do you remember back when they were delivered by ladies in short shorts and pantyhose (similar to hooters girls)? They were AWESOME

All I can say is nothin beats a great paif of Leggs!

I have tried other brands and colors and so forth... Leggs is the only product that feels so good to wear, make my legs look great, they are fun to touch and fun to have sex in... I have put on two or three pairs to feel that as well and the shine is so good... I wear them to work every day, sleep in them sometimes and of cource on the weekends all day... What can I say "nothing beats a great pair of Leggs" that was there old jingle for TV and boy is it true... Taupe sheer energy is my favorite brand. My drawers are full of all colors they all have there look and there place when wearing skirts, shorts, of nightes.... I love leggs.... on my legs.

the food company was "Sara Lee" as in "nobody doesn't like....."

i have tried many types and they just work 4 me,and 4 special accasions I wear Preston&York light support

Hi Leggs4me. Why only legs? He-he.Are they so beautifull? Take care.I have order super pantyhoses in E-bay. I hardly can wait to feel them. Nylons are just horny. JORZETTE.

thank u Faye

Sara-Lee owns Hanes-Bali-Playtex and Legg's falls under that umbrella.

v ery good info thanks,proctor& gamble mabe

You are welcome, thanks in return. Leggs used to be owned by a food company (name escapes me) and was sold either with or combined with Hanes... either way they are now under the same umbrella and went through some changes in the transition.<br />
<br />
The tag change was (I believe) a cost cutting measure to only have a few labels instead of many. I have noticed the color changes in suntan as well, but that too seems to be less and less now.<br />
<br />
I haven't checked out that site, but I'll poke around and see :)

sorry look 4 dana on that site

we get about the same amount of use out of them,I haven't noticed the change in the sheer energy except they now have support on the tag.I have noticed a difference in the color in the suntan from one pair to the other,thanks 4 the add.I am on also chat is free there

I noticed a change in the Active Support material for a while, but it seems that they have gone back to the silky wonderful material they used to consist of. I buy about 5+ packages each month and get around 3-4 wearings per pair. For some reason Rite Aide seems to have the older yucky stock so I found a local store with newer stock :)

I agree

I miss not being able to get Leggs Pantyhose in the egg. It was like a surprise all in it's own. As I purchased Legg's Sheer Energy and Active Support Pantyhose, I would quickly get home to change into each silky invigorating pair. As much as I enjoyed these pantyhose, I was quick to explore each and every variety/color egg available. But throughout my years of experimentation, I would have to say both Leggs Sheer Energy & Active Support are the best pantyhose Leggs has to offer!!

I wear Sheer Energy too. I like Suntan and the jet black.

I have started to where Leggs tights durring the day when its real cold 4 the extra warmth

I used to always get Leggs Active Support they were in egg then the red box, They fit and felt wonderful and were smooth and shinny. Sometime in past years they seem to have changed the weave and call them sheer elegance not as nice. I have bought nurse mates they are nice and soft and fit so well. I am always in pantyhose when not in tights<br />
<br />
sissy jenny