Walking In Winter

My favorite mode of transportation in winter is on foot. It may take me hellishly long to get anywhere, but the worst thing to happen if I should hit a bad patch of ice is a bruised tailbone.

The trick to walking in the cold is knowing how to dress for it, and that's a lesson too many people don't learn.

One, sometimes two, layers of socks; long underwear; legwarmers; pants; at least two layers of shirts, one of which is tucked in; a hat with ear flaps; a long scarf wrapped around my face, covering everything except my glasses; stretchy gloves; armwarmers that go from my lowest knuckles to my elbows, over the stretchy gloves; heavier insulated gloves on top of the armwarmers, and a double-layered coat. Depending on how deep the snow is, shoes, boots, or combo shoes and overboots.
mononoaware mononoaware
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2012