Caught In A Leotard

I sleep in a leotard almost every night and years ago when we had room mates living with us. One time it was the middle of the night and I had ventured to the bathroom. I never cover up with anything since everyone is asleep. As I shut the bathroom door I heard the room mates phone ring, they had some sort of family problem. I finished what I was doing and I heard their door open, followed by a knock on the bathroom door. I answered but stood there a moment trying to figure out what to do. I couldn't find anything to cover up with. Finally I took a breath and opened the door. Both room mates were standing right there and all I was wearing was my leotard, which they had never seen before. No one said anything to each other and I quickly went back to my room.

After that incident, I started revealing it more. In the evening, when we would all be in the living room watching a movie or whatever, I would wear my leotard under my clothes. Then I started to wear it without a shirt over top. Once I wore it with a shirt but no pants. When I sat down, anyone could have seen my lycra covered butt. I imagine I would have eventually worn just the leotard itself, but they moved out before I got to that point.
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Not what I was looking for but cool story non the less.

LOL.. What were you looking for?