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in primery school we had diffrent unifroms for diffrent sports. in gymnastics girls must wear leotards and boys wear a t-shirt and shorts. one day in class i was the only one in the room and i checked spear probity and there wear no t shirts or shorts i told miss there is no uniforms for me. she told me just put on the leotard . i said but its for girls . but she told me to or get long time after school so i put on the leotard with no shorts. it felt like i was a proper girl it felt tight and fab. but then the class was canncelled so i wore a leotard for no reason :L
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I would go to your school and dress like the girls for gym. They feel a lot better. I am a boy and I cheer for my school team. I am the only boy on the team. For practice I have to wear shorts and a t shirt. The girls have to wear a leotard and tights. So one day I went to practice I wear what they had to wear. In are games we all wear the same thing. We all wear the girls cheerleading outfit. They are so comfy.

I think the boys should have to wear leotards without shorts just as the girls do

I Agree!