I wear leotards and keep thinking if i should of not tell my mom about it ... Should i our not ?
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You need not tell her, if you are a teenage guy over 15, ask her to be with you when going to the doctor's for a physical examination .wearing your white colored leotard and tights under jeans. Hopefully your doctor is a woman, she will be compassionate with you when it is time to undress.with mom watching. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed, just slowly get the shirt and jeans off. Mom maybe shocked at first, seeing your young male body encased in leotard and tights, out lining your aroused sexual privates. The doctor may let you stay in leotards for a while, reassuring mom, that you wearing leotard and tights is a healthy feeling for many young teenage boys. I'm sure mom will soon understand and eventually approve you being in leotards. I've been wearing them for years as underwear, especially during the winter months and when being at the doctor's for medical exams. You may still feel embarrassed for a while, yet the sexual feeling will still be with you, when it it's time to take them off for your physical. Mom most likely has seen you naked before, realizing your shy feelings, her and the doctor seeing your healthy developing body. Both mom and the doctor will understand, so just let mom see you getting out of those soft, snug leotard and tights, baring it all. When you are a man in later years, you can look back and have this part of your life,growing up with many good memories in the years in adulthood.

Put on a leotard and some pants and then wait for her to ask you about it.

Put On Just A Leotard And Tights, And See If She Says Somthing.

How about putting on swimsuit, hose and high heels and acting like being a beauty pageant contestant. Feels great

Not realy my thing

Dint tell her, dress and show her

Ohh well gawd would be hard to explain ahh would be hard to do i think

If you can honestly tell me you wouldn't love doing that, I'll not ask that you do it.

Well i wont love but would be a little akward i think

I'd love showing my mom my outfits, she's gone now, but I know she knew,

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Lol do you actually do dance or gymnastics or anything? Or do you just like Leotards?

No i just like them

It might freak out your mam a bit but if you discover why you like them so much perhaps you could give her a better explanation

Well they feal great as a normal cloth !