Trip To The Store

I recently was alone at my office and was feeling a little kinky.I locked my door and proceeded to remove my male clothes,and slip on a pink thong,pink bra and black stay up stockings.My stockings were topped with a wide circle of black lace.MMM it felt soo good!I then slipped my male clothes back on and left for lunch.I was so excited and scared at the same time.I drove to a sandwich shop ,got up my nerve and went it.I was feeling so horny.I wanted to be caught wearing my glorious lingerie,maybe by a nice man who would bump into me from behind while in line.I got my sandwich without incudent and drove back to my office.I wonder if anyone noticed?Did they see my stocking and thong outline through my pants?Maybe next time.....
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I wear a nice sexy bra to work almost everyday. No one has ever noticed. Makes for a great day.

Use a grater belt to add to the risk, or just show some whale tail

One summer I could not work for trhree months and my home was in the woods on 15 acres of remote privbate playground. So s/ wife at work 40 miles away I pierced my ears and belly button, shaved all my body hair and bought all the lingerie and accessories Madonna would envy. That summer I teased, flashed and showed off my body and lingerie to pool cleaner, eterminator, meter reader, landscaper and my favorite the UPS stud. I showed most guys my black satin bra w/ lace trim w/ unbuttoned shear white top. I always gave him a show as he got all red faced and a nice tented erection that I just stared at. My faorite was to leave back door open and folded my lingerie wearing bra, thong, stockings and heels. I positioned a mirror so I could see them staring as music blared. Sometimes I would sniff white briefs and play with my thonged cheeks. Summer of fun

I thought you were going to end it with, "and then the cleaning lady came in." lol

Hi Janie,your comment made me laugh outloud.Thank you for the comment

That's pretty awesome! Wish I could do that too...

In my experience it is very hard for anyone to notice stockings with pants over them but the VPL they may notice. No matter though as it is a thrill wondering....