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My Daughters Panties.

I've always liked to wear panties. But the first time I experienced little girl panties. Was with my step daughters. I was laying in bed wearing my wifes silky panties. I started pleasureing myself. I like to use another pair to *** into. I reached for what I thought was a pair of her pretty pink panties. But they ended being my daughters underwear. I didn't care! I was so turned on!! I kept ************ till I came. My daughters cute little panties were soaked with my ***. I loved how much of my *** her panties held! The next time I saw her wearing them. I went n borrowed another pair of her panties n *********** to the thought of her wearing those *** filled panties. And she never noticed.
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Really sicko

I am glad to see other guts feeling the same way I am. My gf daughter is 10 she is very developed already. Her mom buys her very cute silky satin pantins. Most of them are string bikinis and she runs around the house in her white tanktop and panties all the time. Yes I luv wearing her panties and ******* in them and yes I get so hard when I see her wearing the ones I came in. I would luv to chat more with anybody about this.....

My stepdaughter was about 8 and my wife was gone for the weekend leaving us alone. I loved those weekends, hoping the weather would be bad so we would have to stay in. As usual, I would have a pair of little girls panties on and had bought some semi-sexy panties for my daughter. And very sheer little girls nighties. I would have her take a bath in the morning only so I could smell the panties she had on all night and I would lay out her clothes for the day on her bed. Panties and a sheer nightie. This day was special. We played little girl games all day, watched movies and ate junk food. About 9 at night she was pretty worn out and feel asleep on the couch. She was on her back, knees up and her nightie had fallen around her waist exposing her little panty covered *****. I was in heaven! I have my **** in my hand and I'm just staring and rubbing my ****. Then I notice her arm laying off the edge of the couch with her palm up. I got on my knees next to her and gently placed my **** in her hand. Her sleeping hand closed around it and moved slowly. I'm going crazy, looking at her panty covered ***** and her hand is on my ****. This went on for about 10 minutes and I'm trying not to ***. Then I notice her lips are slightly and she is in a deep sleep. What the hell! I take my **** from her hand and very slowly place it on her mouth and slowly move her lips open slightly. Her wet little lips move around on the tip of my ****. I only have the very tip of my **** in her mouth and I can't hold it back any longer and I explode in her mouth and on her face. She has alot of *** in her mouth and it's running off her cheeks and chin and she even has some on her nose and around 1 eye. She started to move, I jumped back, she ran her tongue around her mouth and rubbed her face with her hand which only spread the *** out all over her face. But she never woke up. The next morning she said she had some stuff on her face from something. I came on her face many many times after that and she had my **** in her hands many times. Whether she knew it or not, I don't know. And there came the time when I rubbed my **** head on her sweet little bald *****, but that's another story........

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I love it Jim

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Nice story! I would love to know how old she is. The ages of 5-11 are the best especially if you like soiled panties because little girls don't wipe their sweet little hairless ******* well when they pee. And, they don't pay any attention and will show you their panties at any time. I use to do the same thing with my stepdaughter's panties. She was about 5 and I would ******** and spread a load of hot *** all over the crotch of her clean panties and then put them back in her drawer to dry. I always made a mental note of which panties I did it to and my mind would go crazy when she wore them. I had the best of both worlds. I helped with the laundry so I got to smell her
soiled panties and then shoot hot *** in the clean ones. This continued regularly until she was 11 years old and she or her mom never noticed. And she was a little hotty. Just the thought of her walking around with the crotch of her panties full of my *** was enough to make me *** again. I would have loved to shoot a load of hot *** directly onto that sweet hot little hairless *****. After writing this, I have to go ********

Thank you for likeing my story. After reading yourz. I have a cute little pair of hello kitty panties, I just took from her dirty cloths. To taste and ********** with. And she iz 12 yo. I often think of the day I get to pull off her panties n force my hard **** into her and filling her tight little bald ***** with ***.

12 yo huh? How lovely! She is a bit older than what I care for but as long as she has a bald ***** and smelly panties, that will work. Have you ever seen her *****? Or seen her naked? I am stroking my **** as I write this and think about all the good times with my stepdaughter. Like you, I have a panty fetish and especially little girls panties. Ever tried putting a maxipad in the panties? It is a thrill! The first time I ever did it I nearly lost by breath as I pulled those little panties up my legs. And the feeling on my **** and balls was indescribable. And yes I too licked my little girls dirty panties. It was an everyday thing. Each evening at bedtime I would dig through the hamper to find a dirty pair of her panties from that day. Sniff and lick them and then wrap them around my **** and pretend it was her soft, innocent little girl mouth. I still picture holding her little head and her mouth is wide open and I'm feeding her as much of my hot **** as she can possibly take. It never happened but the thought made my **** explode. But what did happen alot of the time is that my wife would have weekend business trips which left me and my little girl alone for the weekend. I have never been so turned on in my life. I use to buy her thin nylon Barbie nightgowns that she would wear almost all day on Sundays. They were pretty much see-through. It was like watching her in just panties. And sometimes I would dress her in short skirts without shorts under them and she and I would play little girl games all day. Holy ****! What a show. I always bought panties just like hers (bigger size) and would wear the same kind of panties as she did and then I would wear clothes (bath robes work well) or move in such a way that the panties were cleary visible. My bath robe use to fall open alot and I would be wearing the same kind of panties as her. She looked alot. In fact she just stared. But never said a word. I'm sure she knew. As she grew she got prettier by the day. It got to the point that when her mom wanted to **** the only way I could get my **** hard was for her to give me a bj and I would pretend it was my little girl doing it. It always pleased her mom because my **** would be rock hard and would just explode with hot *** in her and on her. She loved it. Someday I will fulfill that dream to have her suck my ****. And I want to **** her ***** and her *** and drench her face with ***!!!! Enjoyed your story. Write more. Describe this little girl of yours in detail. ***** hair? Breasts? Periods? Does her panties have her *** in them? Does she ********? Most important! What's her panty size and favorite kind? Thanks.

I have read this reply 3 times now. And all 3 times. I had to go find a pair of my 11yo girlz undies and start to ********** with them! Every time I get to were you want to *** in your daughters *****. Instead of her panties. I can almost feel how good it would feel to push my hard **** into my little girls tight bald ****. Listening to her moan with pain as I go deeper into her. When she feels my **** swell and she'll moan with pleasure. I will *** deep in her *****.

Wow! I can't believe I haven't read your reply till now.I have seen her bald *****. I have seen her naked a few times. I got to watch her dry off n get dressed after her shower. What you said bout wearing ittle gjrls underwear with a maxi pad. I couldn't of said it better! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes that xsact fetish. I've always wanted to be cought ************ by my daughter.

My daughters panty size are mostly 10. She realy likes the hello kitty boyshorts or the princes breifs. She's starting to like the silkier kinds of panties.. I can't wait to *** in her 1st pair of silky undies. No real ***** hair yet. I know I like to take a peek when she's asleep. She's justgetting past the training bra stage. And has couple realy cute bras. That I wish I could wear. Not sure if she *********** yet. But I do know that once in awhile. I'll find a pair of her panties that the crotch is hard. Like dried ***. I like tasting them! I might just be tasting her ***.

Thanks for your replies. You are one lucky guy. A little girl who wears size 10 panties and training bras. It don't get any better than that. And hello kitty is one of my favorites as well. I'm sitting here jacking off thinking about that sweet hot little mouth wrapped around my hot hard ****. If you are finding panties that are crispy in the crotch, then you can be sure she is ******* herself. My daughter did the same thing and it tastes so good. Not only was I licking her panties after her bath, but watching to see if she changed them before school in the morning. If she did, it was almost a sure thing that the panties she took off would be crispy. Sometimes I would even take a fresh pair to work with me and smell and lick them in the restroom. Check your daughters room for things that don't belong and you will know for sure. I did with my daughter. She was 9 yo, almost 10, and I started to notice that her panties were crispy about every other day. One day I was home from work alone and horny as hell. I was jacking off with a pair of her crispy panties and something told me to go look around her bedroom. I started looking through her closet not really looking for anything. Just being nosey. I started to look through her dresser drawers and tucked in some t-shirts was a small screwdriver with a round smooth handle. What the **** is that doing in here? So as I go through more things I find a long round handled paintbrush about the size of my little finger stuck under more clothes. Then it dawns on me. She is using this stuff to **** herself with. I end up finding another paintbrush and a kitchen utensil under her mattress and a bunch of pencils with rubber bands around them. I have no idea how long she had been ******* herself. By the looks of her panties she must do it pretty often. I was in my workshop one day and I fashioned a round long thing out of some wood and had finished it so it was very smooth. It looked almost like a ****. I set it on the corner of the bench and awhile later she came in and asked what it was. I told her I was just messing around with some wood. She rubbed and played with it for 10 minutes while we talked and she left. I left it on the bench and he next day it disappeared and I never saw it again. I asked a couple of times if she had it and she said no. But we both knew where it was at. I just hope she got some good ******* with it. And yes, like you, I use to peek at my daughter sleeping all the time. There were times when she said she must have taken her panties off during the night, but that's another story. Hope to hear more about your daughter and her panties and training bras and hot *****. What is her bra size?

you pervert. at least do not perv your daughter. but its okay to wear her clothes.

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