My Daughters Panties.

I've always liked to wear panties. But the first time I experienced little girl panties. Was with my step daughters. I was laying in bed wearing my wifes silky panties. I started pleasureing myself. I like to use another pair to *** into. I reached for what I thought was a pair of her pretty pink panties. But they ended being my daughters underwear. I didn't care! I was so turned on!! I kept ************ till I came. My daughters cute little panties were soaked with my ***. I loved how much of my *** her panties held! The next time I saw her wearing them. I went n borrowed another pair of her panties n *********** to the thought of her wearing those *** filled panties. And she never noticed.
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Really sicko

I am glad to see other guts feeling the same way I am. My gf daughter is 10 she is very developed already. Her mom buys her very cute silky satin pantins. Most of them are string bikinis and she runs around the house in her white tanktop and panties all the time. Yes I luv wearing her panties and ******* in them and yes I get so hard when I see her wearing the ones I came in. I would luv to chat more with anybody about this.....

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I love it Jim

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