Pre Teen Panties

I love pre teen panties with cartoon characters on the front..I shop at target and lover the little girls panties there
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I buy them for me all the time

I want to buy little kid cartoon briefs for myself but im afraid il get caught

don't worry about it . you'd be surprised how many sales ladies will help you . I've done this , and can say it helps to get the right type and size for yourself . don't try bikinis ,unless your into wedgie punishment . like the ad says "just do it ."Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

little girl panties so cute so adorable<br />
i have several pair myself most mickey mouse o rminni mouse ones they are cute

I love little girls panties..I buy them at Target. lets chat? trade panty pics? my e-mail is

U wanna trade pantie pics wif me I have little girl panties

The Bra in my profile pic is a "Disney" Bra and Panty Set. I saw them at Christmas and had to buy them at Wal-Mart. I love the cartoon pattern and they remind me of when I was a little boy, feeling like a little girl and dreaming of having them than those uncomfortable rotten fruit of the loom breifs and bland colors and designs

love to trade pics if pre teen panties and those that wear them.<br />
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leeyahtzeeholt please add me as a friend

I love to see anyones pre teeen panties..boys or girls.. lets chat?

I love to see your pre teen panties!! I love tinkerbell!!

mine are girls panties but still in kiddy like syles