On My Own Now But Still Wearing Little Girls' Panties.

I joined experience project when I saw this group. I've never known any other adults who wear kids clothes so I was delighted to find this group!

I started with underwear. I'm super petite and never did grow out of kids' panties. Sometime in middle school my mom started buying me cotton bikinis instead of kids' panties. I would wear them to school, but at night I would change into my old cartoon flower princess whatever girly briefs. Mom must have known because she did the laundry but she never said anything. She never got rid of my kids' underwear either.

When I started getting an allowance and buying my own clothes in high school I realized how cheap kids panties are. I would buy adult panties for school but I ended up buying a lot more kids panties. It was fun to be able to buy new panties every few weeks. I even started wearing them to school when I knew I wouldn't have to change for gym. I had to be careful what I wore them with though because I didn't want obvious brief panty lines to show nor was I willing to wear skirts and kids' panties.

Bras were the same way. I didn't need one until I was buying my own clothes anyway. The first time I bought one I asked for some help from a clerk at the store who pointed me to the teen bras and training bras. I've never bought anything since. Honestly it was a couple of years before I even realized that adult bras were different and in a whole different section. When I got self conscious about my flower print teen bras my last year or two of high school I just bought white ones.

Now that I'm on my own I wear little girls' panties all the time. I still love the bright colors, girly patterns, cute bows, and comfy fit. I buy all sorts of kids clothes now - pajamas, bras, dresses, sweatpants, jeans, tops, jackets, socks, shoes, even swimsuits. They make kids' clothing fairly sexy these days, but I've always preferred the more innocent styles like briefs, longer skirts (not micro anyway), sundresses, and tops that usually cover my belly.
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I think it's cute that u wear those panties.

I love little girls panties. Love Disney characters.

Love to see your little panties. Love Disney characters.

Cute undies story, I do the same thing with myself just in boys dept for me

I want some little girl type knickers.

what kind of kiddy undies do you have

Lately I have been wearing cotton stretch hipsters from Xhilaration (a Target brand). They are actually fairly adult in cut and material. The cotton / lycra blend is so much more comfortable than 9 pack plain cotton. A bow at the front of the waistband as well as lace on the legbands and super bright contrasting pastel colors make the young girl style however.

That sound adorable, I wish I could chat with a girl who loves little girly things.

I'm a 30yo male and I wear little girls panties. I usually wear kids sizes 12-14. But I can fit in a size 6. They feel so good to me. Any women into the same drop me a message. i.love.boobies.103179@gmail

What is your waist size?

nice story

beyond adorable and sexy all wrapped into one.

That is so awesome! My girlfriend wears little girls panties too and I love it. There are lots of guys that do that aren't real creeps. I would love to trade pictures with you if your into that sort of thing, if not its ok just drop us a line if you can. Bye.

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thanks for sharing your story

awesome story! I love girl prints as well! So much funner!

You're so lucky.<br />
Im in love with training bra and girl who fit in.<br />
Too hard to find in france :(

Really? I thought French ladies often had tiny boobs. Not so much?

Would you be willing to share any pics of them?

I can fit into size 8 girls panties, but I usually wear 12. 12 are still a little tight but I like that. 14 are super comfy but a little too big. For dresses and tops I'm 12 and for bras I'm 32. Are those sizes really equivalent to age? I always thought they got further and further off after age 6 or so.

I was curious. Do you flash? Its a turn on anyway, and might even be hotter with kiddie panties,

thats intweresting thank you for sharing