I Wear Thermal Cotton Underwear Without Briefs

I wear long thermals underwears without briefs under because I love the feeling of thermal cotton on my skin...and on my ****...Do any other men love it too????
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I couldn't agree more! That feeling really turns me on.

ofcourse it is so macho and comfortable my vife buys them for me

Not me. I wear a diaper under mine.

I have to wear diapers 24/7, so I pull the LJs over the bulky midsection. Since I wear union suits, I do not fasten the 3 lower buttons because of the bulge. I wear sweaters that hang over my trousers to cover that bulge.
The bulge is minimal if I use disposables.

Yes I do! I have worn long underwear since I was a little boy and never wore briefs under them. Long underwear is underwear, so wear it as such. Now the only time I wear something under my long underwear is when I layer another pair or two of long underwear under them.

Hello. I also enjoy wearing either flat-knit or thermal-knit Lon underwear under my street clothing, both for the extra warmth in cold weather and for the sensation it provides against my skin and body parts (all of them). I do not wear briefs underneath my long underwear. The image of a man in long underwear is sexual turn-on for me.