How/why Did You Start Wearing Long Underwear?

I know all the members of this group like to wear long johns or long underwear. I would imagine that we are pretty adult aged by now. But how, why or when did you like to start wearing them. Were you an adult or have you worn them since you were a child? Were you made to wear them when you were young? Were you ever ridiculed for wearing them? Did you have ask one of you parents to get you long underwear? I guess I just want you to share a story about how and when the magic of wearing long underwear started.

As for my story, it started back when I was young and in the first grade. I saw one of my friends wearing longjohns and thought they would be neat to wear. I asked my mother to get me some, and she did, but only the bottoms. I was in love at the first wearing and never wanted to take them off. Even at a young age, if I was wearing long underwear and I was still cold, I would layer another pair on top of them. I think by the time I was in the third grade I was hooked on layered long underwear. I hated when winter went away and the weather warmed up because that meant that the longjohns came out of the drawer and got packed away until next winter. Many times I would have to search out where they were stored and retrieve them. Only to have them taken away again.

When I was in high school, in the high school band and a community band, we had to march in Christmas Parades. In Wisconsin, it was cold at that time of year and I was able to get some heavy thermal long underwear. This time it was bottoms and tops. I was hooked again. Then I got a job at a gas station (back when they pumped the gas for you) and was outside a lot in the winter. I was in thermal long underwear all the time. This got me experimenting with more layers of long underwear and even sweat pants and shirts. I just loved the feeling of wearing the heavy layers and looking like the Michellan man, but I was warm.

Eventually I found union suits and added them to my collection. At times I have even worn tights as long underwear and in addition to long underwear. Yes I was hooked (maybe addicted) and still am.

I have been on search for the longest time for other guys wearing long underwear. You know when they are wearing the top because you can see the thermal knit at the top of the shirt or maybe they are wearing a short sleeve shirt on top and the sleeves are hanging out. But I also look at the ankle area for a bulge in the socks or maybe they let the long johns hang out. I just love it when they have nice holes in the knees or else wear on the pants that show off the long underwear. Even high school football games were interesting because some of the players wore thermal sets or even union suits under their football uniform.

So tell us, what got YOU into wearing long underwear?
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I love wearing long underwear! I wear them almost year round, even when it starts getting warm out. I like the layered feeling. Would like to talk to others who wear year round.

Hi Jimindiapers, Lately I have had the feeling of wanting to stay in my long underwear even though it is getting warmer here in Phoenix, AZ. A lot of times I will wear the top and bottom of a two piece set or a union suit. At times though, depending on where I am working and how warm it is, I will just wear the long bottoms and a short sleeve t-shirt. Still, I love the feeling of long underwear. I have some that are thinner and/or baggy or loose fitting and they are great to wear in the very warm weather under jeans. I haven't gotten as bold as wearing them under short pants, but I can be found relaxing in just long underwear around the house at night.

You mentioned that your like the layered feeling. Do you mean with a set of long underwear under your clothes or did you mean two or three or? pairs of long underwear at a time? Yes, for me, there are times I will wear two pairs of long underwear. For me I started that when I was a young boy all on my own and it has stayed with me.

I think you can make it wearing long underwear year round. Just remember when you take them off how good the feeling was when you put them on. You will just have to have them back on.

What part of the country do you live in? When I was up north in Wisconsin I was up to 9 or 10 months as a regular wearer and several times in the off months. I am trying to acclimate myself to wearing them more regularly here in AZ.

I live in Fargo North Dakota, I grew up on a farm in Rural ND. Wearing long underwear was a normal. Of course I had no choice, parents made me. living on a farm I had outside chores to do, so dressing warmly was a necessity. I even wore them to school even though not all of my classmates did. I didn't mind. I don't remember many warm/hot summers so wearing long underwear was common even in summers. My dad wore year round so I guess that is part do the reason I do too along with the comfort I feel wearing them. My favorite are unionsuits

Like you, I love wearing Long Underwear on a Daily Basis. I would be happy to speak with you regarding wearing Only Long Underwear Year Round. Please get in touch!

I go to the gym and live in a cold climate. As of I am pretty fit, not that it matters; although I have been laughed at and called girl numerous times in direct or indirect ways. Sometimes whispers I hear behind my back at times.
Usually when a comment was made and was done in a very polite fashion with a snicker and un-tasteful like grin was usually the most offensive.
Eventually, I have been able to buy the loose fitting lounge pants and take them off very discretely when undressing. Unfortunately when putting them back on can be a little bit of a challenge at times as of they get bunched up.
I can't wait for spring, as of I'm always tired of being cold or finding a way to hide the fact that I wear a lining under my trousers in frigid weather 15 F. and colder.

Just started a month ago. Father made it start wearing them in November. It had never been an issue in the past, but this year, he decided it is what I should wear. He has always worn union suits in winter, and said it was just what he had to do growing up. He never made me do this until this year, but, this year, he replaced all of regular underwear with long underwear. It was a hard change at first for a variety of reasons, but have kind of gotten into wear the union suits, which I like better than two pieces.

Growing up, it was all I had in the winter months. Like so many other guys that have written on here, mom changed out the underwear drawer in the fall. As a result, that is what I had, like it or not. And while I did not necessarily like it, it became part of life. It became the norm. And after time, there are some things you just don't change. So I cannot imagine winter now without long johns.

I go to the gym and live in a cold climate. As of I am pretty fit, not that it matters; although I have been laughed at and called girl numerous times in direct or indirect ways. Sometimes whispers I hear behind my back at times. Usually when a comment was made and was done in a very polite fashion with a snicker and un-tasteful like grin was usually the most offensive.Eventually, I have been able to buy the loose fitting lounge pants and take them off very discretely when undressing. Unfortunately when putting them back on can be a little bit of a challenge at times as of they get bunched up. I can't wait for spring, as of I'm always tired of being cold or finding a way to hide the fact that I wear a lining under my trousers in frigid weather 15 F. and colder.

Like many others, I started wearing because I had to. When the first frost came, the long underwear came out. It was then worn through winter and until my dad decided spring was there to stay--usually late April or early May. My dad thought union suits were warmer so they were required whenever highs were below 0F.

I was one of only a very few people I knew who wore them. I think they were more common both before I was young and afterwards. I was in a lull of sorts. I was definitely the only guy I knew to wear them as much as I had to.

But I recognized the benefit too. We were fairly poor growing up, and dressing for the cold was done rather than spend money on heat. So I knew that long underwear was useful. It was useful for being outside for play or work as well.

As part of the dressing routine, I also had to wear coveralls or a snowsuit all winter long. Coveralls were cheaper than separate overalls and coat and my dad thought they were warmer too. My dad was of the general belief that if it was cold enough for a coat it was definitely cold enough for coveralls or a snowsuit. The first snow basically saw the snowsuit required. I had to wear it until the snow melted in spring.

I usually had a parka to go with it. When it was below zero, that was required along with the coveralls or snowsuit. I wore the snowsuit through junior high. When I started high school, I started wearing insulated coveralls instead.

That was also pretty unusual. I was in a rural area so guys would wear coveralls working on a farm, but overalls were more common and it was unusual to wear all the time.

The other requirement/saving had to do with head gear. Because a ski mask was the same price as a stocking hat, that was the required head wear. I would just wear it rolled up for a hat.

I appreciate these groups. I hope to hear more from others on here or on YM (coverallfan2003).

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My first introduction to long under ware was when I was a kid. My mom had purchased a union suit for a costume. I inherited it and became an instant convert to the old style garment. later in life I searched for the best fitting union suits. Duofold were good. LL bean were great, but the best so far are Stanfield's Superwashed wool union suits. They are light weight, so you can wear then on just plain cool days and be very comfortable or under your LL bean suits for real warmth on the cold winter days. You may think that being wool they are itchy, but these are very high quality wool and they are not itchy at all (at least to me). If I could war them all year I would. I do wear them every night though. It is just when it gets too warm I have to forgo them for a while.

I was drawn to long underwear in 6th grade. The school was always cold so many of the boys wore long johns and layers. One kid in particular was always freezing so he would wear thermal long johns, a thermal Henley, and a thermal lined hoodie. I found it intriguing so I started asking my parents for thermals. When they said no I became determined to get some. Now I am an adult and own over 15 pairs- it is wonderful.

When I was a kid growing up I wore longjohn bottoms during winter months as a little kid. The house we lived Iin was a old farmhouse and was cold during fall and winter months. Compared to alot of kids I grew up poor and when I was a small kid it wasnt unusal to run around the house wearing just a pair of briefs during warm months and I had a pair or two of longjohn bottoms to wear during cold months. It was when I was a little older that I became more aware that I was becoming fasinated watching other guys who wore thermal underwear and white tee shirts as well. By the time that I was in highschool it was on and when I was a hs freshmen my jeans had worn they were Wrangler jeans that had been handed down at somepoint when I was younger. Wearing handed down clothes was common when I was younger they came from the same other farm family who we worked with but anyway you could see the thermal waffle knit material of my longjohn bottoms through my jeans both legs. Also I was comfortable wearing plain white tee shirts to school everyday growing up maybe during a time when only families of poor kids dressed that way but I started wearing just my long John top to school , the first year that I p

As with Kevint, wearing long underwear, in the form of a union suit, was a requirement of my father, for my older brothers and for me. This was a year round requirement. So essentially, I have worn long johns my entire life. At this time, I could not change if I wanted to. It is what I am used to, and what I am comfortable wearing.<br /><br />Since it is not so common in this day and age, or when I was in high school, I also looked for the signs of those boys who were in long underwear like I was; the bunching at the ankles under socks, the showing through holes in pants, long sleeves showing under shirts. It was/is a nice feeling when I see others like me, knowing I am not alone.

When I was in college and on a whim, I bought a union suit-- all cotton, short sleeve and form fitting. Now, I went to college in the northland and wearing long johns on occasion was not unusual. But a union suit? No, mine was a first. I wore it to football practice and received a fair amount of razzing. I expected that. It was, at the time, just a gag. I did not wear it regularly, though I often slept in it. Then I realized that I found it very comfortable. I bought some more and began wearing them regularly. Despite some continuing laughter and derisive comments, I continued to wear my union suits. My room mate borrowed one and became a sometimes convert. I even received some requests for information as to where union suits can be bought.
For years after graduation, I usually wore union suits from -Oh- October to April. Summer was boxers and tenement T shirts. Never really liked them, but that is what I wore. Then I found athletic union suits-- a button at the shoulder athletic under shirt and tight cotton underpants, stretching to my knees. No Elastic at my waist! I was so comfortable!! And so I wore athletic union suits from April to October. I played in a pickup football league and I frequently went swimming. Certainly, I was looked at and sometimes questioned when we changed clothes. The questions were usually, "Where do buy that?" not "Where DID you get that?" (At the time, J C Penney had the best suits.)
Now unfortunately, that is ended. Short sleeve and athletic union suits, if available, are poorly made. Not worth the price and uncomfortable.
So, what can one do? Wait for a fashion change...

I had to wear them when I was a child. I think I must have been the only boy in my school who wore them. I now love wearing long johns or tights over my nappy and plastic pants as they hold my nappy in place and stops it from sagging under my trousers. I know some people are turned off by the idea of a nappy but I need to wear one. Good to see other people wear long johns.

Your stories are very interesting, so it would be nice to form a group and meet to discuss our interests about long underwear.

Personally, I have an interest in long underwear since I was 10-11 years. My parents forced me to wear long underwear two pieces to go to school and play outside. The trigger is a day my friend in the class of physical activity had put his athletic shorts over his long underwear ... my reaction "Wow" was "hot, sexy and masculine." The same evening I also had my first *********** while I was lying on my bed with my long underwear and the feeling of thermal waffle fabric had triggered this great happiness. This was the beginning of a great love for my long underwear. :-))

Today 30 years later, I still wear long underwear all winter from October to May but I think I'll try to wear longer now. I love the feeling of long underwear tight on my skin.
I have a nice collection, especially two pieces more convenient to work. I love waffle thermal fabrics with t-shirt, long and short sleeves, and I also thinner knit ribbed I wear in the fall and spring and soon summer.

I also recently discovered the Unionsuit but I rarely wear it and are more difficult even impossible to find it in stores here in Montreal.
If you know internet sites, clubs or groups on this topic or a place you can chat with people who also love the long underwear please inform me.

Stay warm

Your new friend Martin

Come November, I will have been wearing Only Long Underwear on a Daily Basis for 34 years. Like you, I am Addicted to Wearing Only Long Underwear( Unionsuits and Rock Face Raschel Thermal Knit 2 Piece Suits). I would be happy to correspond with you regularly on the Subject of Wearing the World's Greatest Underwear. Let me hear from you!
Horray For Long Underwear,

I grew up on a farm and we wore them. I have worn them all my life, mostly in fall, winter growing up, but now I wear them pretty much year round. My farvorite are the Unionsuits.

I was raised by a strict single military dad who demanded that I wear thermal longjohn bottoms ALL WINTER LONG, or ELSE ... I hated it as a teenager since the longjohns were old-fashioned and too warm (mine were always a cotton/polyester waffle weave), and I was razzed in the locker room, but there were a few other boys who found themselves thermalled from waist to ankle like me. About age 16 or so though, I came to find them arousing, and I can vividly remember the sight of other guys wearing them. One incident really sealed my attraction. A friend and I were caught throwing snowballs at lunch break and were summoned to the principal's office. Our punishment was a paddling. I bent over, as ordered, but when the board busted my butt on the first swat, the principal thought something was amiss. He pulled back my belt and inspected the waistband of my underwear, revealing my longjohns over tighty whities. The "extra padding," as he put it, meant an "extra paddling," and I got six licks instead of the standard three. It seemed unfair, and when I told my dad, he just laughed. The whole scene still plays in mind today. There was something powerful about an older man discovering my longjohns, and punishing me for my underwear (even though it wasn't my choice!). I still wear longjohns all winter long and like the feel and look of tight, white thermals.

Living in Toronto, long underwear becomes part of life for many boys and men from late October onwards. There is an expression "sewn into long underwear [by their parents]". I wear long underwear (LJs) 24/7 from September through May, and sometimes into the spring/summer months. I find that woollen garments are the overall best, though most often these are blended with polyester or cotton or double-layered, with only the exterior being wool.
I also wear tights or stockings 24/7, and they provide slight warmth and of course reach from toe to mid-thigh. They make an excellent combination with LJs.
Because they are a common type of underwear, they cause absolutely no comment in the locker rooms unless the topic is explicitly brought up by me.
I often wear boxer shorts under LJs, more as a liner. They are better than briefs since theey are not as binding and allow bathroom use more quickly.
As I get older (I'm 75) I find that I need more warmth, and I shall probably be wearing LJs well into the spring and summer months this year. (We're having a colder winter this year - sign of change.)


I have been in the habit of wearing long underwear since I was in college. At first I wore it just in winter, but progressively I went to wearing long underwear more regularly. In 1983 I started wearing it in summer to work and in the apartment but not while bicycling in summer.

The problem with summer was getting sunburn while being out on the road for hours. My forearms would turn red and start to blister sometimes. That is hard on the skin and doctors say it is a cause for skin cancer.

In 2005 I stopped wearing briefs and went to wearing the long underwear even while bicycling outdoors in summer and have not worn briefs or boxers since then. I find that my body got adapted to wearing the long sleeved shirt and long pants with the underwear.

Here is what I do. I will put on a full set of long sleeved and long legged underwear. But in colder weather I will put on a second and sometimes a third set. Then I put on long pants and a long sleeved shirt and then button the shirt collar. In cooler weather I put on a sweater also.

For being outdoors, wearing a white shirt reflects the sun, so heating up is not so bad.

With this, problems with sunburn have stopped. There is also the benefit that wearing the long sleeved undershirt eliminates the unsightly line of the tee shirt and makes a white or light blue or lavander shirt look more consistant and whiter or its natural color.
The look of a white long sleeved dress shirt with the collar buttoned is great.

In this way I can tolerate wearing the long underwear in temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Usually I wear the thermal weave underwear, but I also have lightweight rib knit underwear if it gets hot.

I would like to read about your habits of wearing long underwear. It is not often that I see it being worn in summer, but on a few occasions, I have noticed an older man wearing a long sleeved shirt in summer with the collar buttoned and then noticing the waffle weave pattern of the underwear through the sleeve openings near the wrist.

I used to be cold all the time. I spoke with my Grandfather who wore only Unionsuits and he recommended I try a Trial Unionsuit which I did. I liked it so much I bought more and the Unionsuit became my Only Choice of Underwear for 31 years. Then a Long Underwear Friend recommended I experiment wearing the Rock Face Raschel Thermal Knit 2 Piece Suit of Long Underwear in the Natural Color and Large Tall Size. I bought a Suit from JCP, wore it and was sold immediately. So I bought more and now it is my Favorite Choice of Long Underwear on a Daily Basis, but I still wear the Unionsuit occasionally to keep the Feeling. There is no better Inner Layer of Clothing then Wearing Only Long Underwear Day In and Day Out.

When I was a child...I lived in a very cold was usual to wear logjohns or union suit..but with years..when I was a teenager,i discoverd the feeling and the erotism of thermal cooton on my skin...Since this time I wear long thermal longjohns for comfy and sensual feeling