Girly Girl

I am one those girls who are somewhat different than my family, if you know what i mean. I keep to myself, by mostly getting on the computer, are by reading. I kinda socialize when i want to lol.Out of all my hobbies i have one that i really enjoy and that is putting on my makeup and looking good. I say to myself '' Hey i have a life, why not look good for it'. I can say almost daily during school time i loove to apply eyeliner, mascra, lip gloss, eye shadow, all that to make myself look very pretty for the day. I know almost every girl loves to dress themselves up from time to time to attract someone, either way i wear makeup if i want to attract someone or if i don't lol. I'm one of those girls who has a whole makeup kit lol. Don't get me wrong i'm not one of those girls who take wearing makeup to the extreme, or one of those who put too much makeup on, i've learned to put enough makeup for me to feel satisfied with myself, and i love it!!
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I like ur style and sense of well being.

thank you!

thanks Ripta!!