Not As Often As I Can.

Oh man. I would love to be a makeup artist. I have no idea what school I can go to for this. I enjoy going to youtube and watching the tutorial. I use to watch the style network and watcht the makeup artist to the stars give their tips and tutorial. I have two medium size makeup cases one is full and organized the other is too but it holds my foundation blush and brushes. I was going to get this really good deal online but by the time that I got paid it was sold out. I really wanted all those brushes, it would have allowed me to do so much. I have a lot of avon makeup and I really like them. I also have some mac but not too much because it is pricey. I have the mac foundation, blush, and blush thing. I do like them all. I also put on the physicians formula bronzer. I want to get the boujour powder but I don't think they have retailer out here. I can get it online but I am not sure what my color is. I use to get it when I was younger I loved the feel and look of it. I have decided not to buy anymore makeup since my case is full and I do not wear it every day. I want to wear it daily though. Since I love the way that it makes me look and to get rid of some I have had them for years. I try to buy a brush when I have some extra money but things have been so tight lately I can not splurge, but I have the main ones that I need so its ok. I only buy the makeup when it is on clearance. Walgreens it good for that. Of course you would have to stop by daily to know when they go on clearance. Now that I think of it that would be a good way to get little excersise walk to walgreens and check it out. I don't buy makeup that is like less than $1 they are usually not worth it. I do love that collagen mascara from loreal. I do want like a really big case so that I can put them all in one place. I just hate when you drop the eyeshadow blush and it breaks in pieces. I have yet to go to Sephora and buy anything. I plan on saving some money and buying somethings there next year. I decided to wear it more often I have started to but not as much as I would like. Sometimes I see people at work and I wish that I could do their makeup for them. One lady comes in with the racoon look and it is not flattering to her at all. But if someone has a style I guess thats ok, even if it does not look good. Someone gave me a really dark lip color I don't like it at all but I think that I will wear it for the monht of October. Of course no one will get it but I will. For that month I think I will do racoon and dark lips. I like the witch look at time like halloween. I will be a witch this year but a really cool one. I did it years ago and won a prize. I'm gonna have to save again for that but again youtube has great ideas to get me started. I have this eye shadow pallette that my mom gave me, I have no idea what company made it but I love it it has the colors divided by earth tones then greens then pinks and then like skin tones. I use that shadow for when I go to school and stuff, I want it to run out then use the others. I make sure that whenever I go to school that I have makeup on. I have been late doing this but I am going to come straight home them get ready instead of dillydallying. I love makeup thats my story I will try those fake eyelashes, I do not want them too big but I am scared to do them by myself so I will have to pay to get them done. It is not cheap though I would try it on my own but I see a lot of people who do it theirselves and it looks bad.
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26-30, F
Sep 15, 2012