Practice, Practice, Practice.

I have decided to work hard every day to improve on my application of makeup. Last night I went to my first TriEss meeting. There were seven girls there and all of them wore makeup except me. One girl in particularly fine when she showed up. A light brown sheath dress and matching heels, lovely hair and beautifully applied makeup. Especially her eyes. Later in the evening she went upstairs to transform her self again. When she rejoined us she was wearing a short black sleeveless dress and her makeup just screaming VAMP. Her eyes were sultry and dark. I asked if she had a date and she laughed. "I am going dancing" she said proudly. I said I hoped I got that bold someday. Karen, the chapter president looked at me and said she hoped not. I've seen her walk out of here in a miniskirt so short she couldn't get down the stairs without exposing herself. Secretly though, I wanted to join her.
One thing about Leanne, the vamp. Her face is kind of weathered and masculine, but she does a fine job of feminizing herself. She's not really beautiful but dresses well, has a fine figure and gorgeous legs. I promise to practice hard.
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I'm just starting this process and it does seem overwhelming. I bought a nice wig last week but have a long way to go with applying makeup. I'll keep trying. I'm going to be seeing a transvestite cd today for some fun and hope she can give me some tips.

Be sure to tell us about your date!! Please !!

I will for sure Canndice!!!! I put on a fresh pair of sexy pic panties. I put on just a little makeup cause I'm not good at it yet. Put on some pinkish nail polish on my pinkie fingers. Lastly some Soft Silver Red lipstick. Hopefully I'll be able to leave a nice red ring on her clitty. Applied a little lube to my *****. Oh took some Viagra also. I'm nervous!!! Hope it goes well!!!

Maybe I can get Leanne to advise you

I to try to apply makeup but my weather worn tortured face doesnt seem to want to accept anything I've tried!