I Do, But For More Than Vanity

Without it, I look very tired

Yet to me it is the five to ten minutes of the morning in which you awake and transform yourself as being awakened into the day. 

I wear more eye make up than anything- i like drawing on my eyeliner, then contrasting the colour of my eyes to the eyeshadow to ensure they stand out. Putting on some mascara and the top eye liner, requiring the only balance i can maintain during a day.  I wear a little foundation and a little lip balm and lip liner.  It helps me feel better about myself, as i have taken time for myself to wake up, to present myself to the day.

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2 Responses Sep 5, 2008

You make it sound so wonderful. Thanks.

I agree. My ex sold cosmetics, and I learned a lot about them, and had fun playing. I always thought eye makeup was the most fun, and offered the most scope for self-ex<x>pression. Plus, the chemist in my liked learning about all the colors.