Another Find For Me.

I just won two pairs of vintage Paris garters on Ebay--one pair in burgundy and one in blue.  I can't wait to receive them.
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That's pretty much the only time I use double grips. To be honest, I don't have a lot of OTC's anymore anyway. They don't stay up on me and I don't like the feel. I much prefer garters since they are adjustable.

I prefer single grip garters, also, and I noticed from you tube that double grip garters are used with over the calf socks.

I still prefer single grips myself. I only wear doubles when I have a pair of longer socks whose elastic has given up. It's been a rather long time since I wore doubles. I was wearing my wide single grips Paris garters last night to a reception.
Keep your socks up and your trousers properly draped.

I met a fellow Paris suspender/ braces wearer in a chat room and I gave him a pair sock garters. I informed him that they came in single and double grip design, he requested double grip.

You and I shop for garters at the same place. I hope we're not in competition with each other on Ebay. In any event, it's wonderful to meet another man who wears vintage garters. Do you have a favorite brand??

Congratulations on your purchase. I fairly often buy my garters on ebay. I love the vintage construction with none of the plastic parts that are found on the new garters. I wear them everyday and have for years. It is nice to know there are other guys out there who enjoy them too. I am 47 and bought my first pair when I was around 13 or so. It is still exciting to put them on and I don't even mind the "looks" I get when I change at the gym or taylor.

You are correct about purchasing vintage sock garters on eBay. Construction and design of present day sock garters is probably the reason why guys don't like wearing sock garters any more. I only buy vintage sock garters ( preferably Paris Brand) because they are so comfortable you don't realize you're wearing them and they don't fall apart. Same goes for vintage suspenders, again Paris "free swing" suspenders are so comfortable you forget you are wearing suspenders. Today's sock garters and suspenders are so poorly designed, it's a wonder anyone will wear them.

We could not be more in agreement, Mickey. Sadly, neither the braces or the garters are made any longer.