Other's Impressions...

Hi everyone....I was just wondering what experiences you have had when you are getting to be intimate with someone (male or female) and you drop your pants (or they are taken off....) and they see you (hopefully in boxers..) and your sock garters.

I have had both experiences of turning my partners on ( and they wanting to take the garters off with their teeth, etc. etc.), fascination with what I was wearing, laughter (from the stupidly uninformed) , genuine curiosity, wanting to wear (or steal!!!!) them, and a helpful addition to sex play.

I am just interested in your experiences....


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4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I totally agree... Tom H... Wearing garters is a turn on for me during foreplay. I love it when a guy rides up and down my legs, over my socks and garters....... and then takes them off using his teeth...HUMMMM

I once had a date and after I took my pants off, he looked at my legs and my socks with the garters and he was fascinated with the sight of those. I asked if it was ok if I kept these on during our play, and he didn't mind. He was not extremely thrilled but more curious why I wanted this. For me it was extremely sexy to have sex while wearing my socks and garters

It's nice that your sock garters not only keep your socks looking good but provide some fun as well.

I try and make every opportunity a positive one!

However...... the person who laughed at my garters received an excellent OTK spanking which put us both in a mood and they behaved well after that.... except for a couple of later indescretions.... (SP???)