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I'm thinking about trying out sock garters, I decided on the color black already and did some research, what would be the best type, one strap or two straps?

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I am so glad you've decided to join the rest of us who wear garters and love them holding up our socks. I have some of both the single grip and double grip garters and love both. It is easier these days finding single grip garters but you can find and purchase both online. Just enter sock garters in your search bar and then explore the offerings. They do a great job of holding up your socks and are very sexy at the same time. I love wearing them with silky sheer nylon dress socks with everything.

I too wear and love to wear white a-shirts under all shirt and to bed with just my boxer shorts. I sometimes even wear my garters and and silky sheer socks to bed with them as well as I love the feeling of the silky sheer socks sliding against each other.

I will e anxious to here your thoughts and experiences once you try garters.

By "straps" I assume you mean what's usually referred to as "grips" and in single-grips and double grips. I've tried both and have several pairs of each kind and have found that single grips are MUCH easier to use and work just fine. They're really more traditional too.

whatever garters turns you and others on!

I'm assuming you also wear a classic wifebeater underneath your dress shirt and suit. :-)

These days, garters are hard to find! Generally, the more straps the better. But with the one strap type, the band stays up over your calf in it gives more "pull".
In colder months, the garters fit well over long johns.

Thanks for the info, will look more into this. :-)