This is my first post on here and first public confession of wearing thongs. I have been wearing them since 2007. It started as a gag for my wife when I got home from Iraq, but after wearing them, it felt great. I love the way they feel and the support they offer. I don't exclusively wear them, but am rapidly moving that way. I have only had Joe Snyder and Clever brand, but recently bought a pack of Joe Boxer thongs from Kmart. I used to order the others online for anonymity, but this time I went to the store and bought them in person. The female cashier didn't even seem to notice or care. I'm preferring the Joe Boxer brand more. The seem to feel and fit better that the others. I did have a Joe Snyder thong swimsuit that I would lay in the backyard sun in, but haven't did that in a while due to new neighbors.

I just wanted to introduce myself and give my experience.
genghisman genghisman
31-35, M
Aug 31, 2014