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Two Pairs Of Pantyhose

I often wear two pairs of tights at a time when dressing up except when wearing the thicker opaques mainly to cover up leg hair the first pair to go on over my panties is normally a pair of flesh tone skating or dance tights then another pair of panties followed by my favourite 10 denier sheer black tights i never wear panties over tights i think the look of panties under tights is very sexy and if you tuck yourself properley you will have a nice flat front just like a female and your legs will look nice and toned and hair free. sometimes in winter i will occassionally shave my legs but wear a pair of support tights under my usual 10 denier ones another tip is to wear shiny 15 or 20 denier tights under black fishnets legs will look fantastic i've had many compliments off woman who have seen me dressed about my legs i also wear a womans pantie liner under my first pair of panties this really helps to hide your male attributes and protect your panties from male leakage which often occurs due to arrousal from being dressedĀ even under the tightest of skirts also with two pairs of hose and panties hip pads if you wear them will be held firmly in place
You should treat your first pair of tights as your base layer foundation for your legs this works well with stockings and suspender belt or stockings and a girdle over the top your legs will look and feel great so come on all you cdr's give it a go only you will know your little secret woman friends i have shared this with have tried it with great success
daverick daverick 51-55, M 3 Responses Jul 29, 2011

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Love wearing layers!

I totally agree! I usually wear tight panties under pantyhose, for a good tucking, then I add a pantygirdle over hose to achieve a perfect shape. That is the basis on what I'm going to put everything I want.<br />
Unfortunately for women seems a taboo to wear stocking over pantyhose or more than one hose pair. They fear to be considered prostitutes

Great ideas, daverick. I'm definitely going to try this! I bet you look great. Thanks for sharing.