Pluged At Dinner

I just took my large plug out off my *** I hade it in for 7 hours I sat threw dinner at my grandparents with all my family around I was so horny the hole time my *** is gaping so big right now
tyson321 tyson321 18-21, M 2 Responses Apr 1, 2013

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I wear my plugs most all the time. I love it. and when you take it out my hole just stays open(like now).

don't forget your kegels ....

I finally got my a-bomb in today....great feeling

Done .... A-bomb in mine too ... mmmm

Yes, that's part of the naughty secret fun of wearing a butt plug when out in public, or even visiting with family and friends. I put my plug up my *** yesterday at noon and worked throughout the day, as well as running errands in town, having dinner, and continuing my plugging into bed, and now it's the next day, past noon, and I'm still plugged.

I can't remember when was exactly the last time was not plugged a whole day ...

That's really quite something. And at night? You sleep plugged most nights?

99% about ...

You're my hero. Check out the new blog I just started. I've only put up one post: I'm still working on its functionality, so it's a little raw.

butt plug experience project ...

Fantastic...I saved it so I will be following you

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