At Work - Bad Idea

I consider myself a top when it comes to sex, but I do enjoy some anal play from time to time. A while ago I got into wearing butt plugs. I usually would wear them around the house, and sometimes to bed. To make a long story short, one morning I was feeling frisky and adventurous and decided to wear it to work.... I normally don't get hard JUST from wearing one... but as soon as I got to work and sat down I had an erection that would not go away... I had to hide myself under my skirt and excuse myself from my desk... A kinky experience but never again!
AlexandraShySurprise AlexandraShySurprise 22-25, T 6 Responses Aug 2, 2013

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wow that is hot!

I'm sure that you'll do it again because wearing a butt plug is so sweet, just move on progressively ...

Oh that really sounds like fun
I would have liked getting a hold of your ****. Oral or in the bum. I would and kept you on edge. And would have teased it. Just short of exploding

Sometimes, when I wear the plug to work myself, I have to go to the bathroom to **** off to relieve myself of the hard on!

That is a funny story. Thanks for sharing!

welcome :)

I am a total bottom. We should meet, top and bottom go together.

I like that idea :)