Bad Girl

When I got home from work there was no husband but there was a note say out shopping and would bring home take out. About an hour later he walks in with Chinese an one bag I ask what was in the bag his answers was you learn later after eating he told me to come into the bedroom and to ***** I did . Then told me to open the bag . What was inside was a butt plug attach to a thong that had a belt instead of normal waist ban he then brought out a Emma bag and hose. I was a little nerves because I've haven had one scent I was little husband then cleans me out after the he tells me to put the pantie on and plug in after looking in a mirror . Husband told puts a lock on the belt I ask him what he was doing his answers was I will be in it until he takes the lock off I ask why reason because I told a man awhile ago lets have a internet affair which I knew was wrong and this was my setting to wear this . I was going to my gf the next day for sunny and play so started to call her a cancel he told me no to that and I would be going . Between try to sleep with it on an knowing my gf wants my ***** and *** but she not going to be able to have them was making my soaking wet . Well Joan was a little sad but she made the best out of it . Now with it in for 18hrs I was real getting into it being there husband made me wear it until I went back to work in one more day.I was aloud to take it out for bathroom break What he doesn't know was I real enjoyed it a lot
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Oh he knows. That's why he bought it. Nice that your having souch fun. Please add me a a friend.

Oh, of course he knows you enjoyd it! You have a great husband!

How wonderfully exciting!!!